How to Dress for the Wedding Season - A Guide for the Hijab And Abaya Fashion

Is it that time of the year again where you have straight five weddings lined up? Are you panicking already because you are definitely not ready to ace modest Hijab fashion in all the festive parties just yet? Now Now! We know there is so much to figure out from the right Hijab to the matching jewellry. Hold on and Breathe! 

Let us help you to sort everything one by one. This Modest Fashion guide for your wedding season will become your bible to look graceful and glamorous this wedding season! 

Modest Fancy Outfits or Latest Abaya Styles: What’s Your Choice?

We are going to cover every single detail of your perfect wedding look but first things first. You need to make a choice for your outfit. Choosing a modest outfit for a wedding can be tricky.  What we have done is sort out some general choices for you to make your life easier. 

Fully Covered Gowns 

fully covered wedding gowns

Imagine yourself with an Arab Scarf Style with a long full of drapes gown walking through this illuminated floor. Gorgeous right? Well, that’s a hack 101 to look gorgeous at weddings. Gowns are mostly fully covered, and full sleeves look stunning with a flowy frock, so half of your problem will be gone. You can even add a little bit of embroidery or beadwork to make things more gleaming and eye-catching. 

Different Abaya Styles for the Wedding 

different abaya styles for the wedding

A lot of women go for fancy abaya styles instead of going out of their way to roam around malls and pick the perfect dress that covers them modestly.  Therefore, an ideal abaya is your rescue at the time of need. 

For weddings, you can always stylise yourself with a stylish abaya kimono or an exquisite butterfly style abaya with gleaming crystal work.  Also, occasions like these are the best to go for something embroidered and colourful. Embellishments are also a good option to look at if you combine them. 

Choicest Jewellery and Accessories Selection 

Jewellery collection for wedding

This becomes the hardest part sometimes for women wearing Hijab. If one ties the Hijab the usual way, there are fewer chances to flaunt any jewellery, and you end up looking plain in a fully glittery wedding. Here are our solutions and tips to pick the most suitable jewellry and some advice on how to stylise them. 

Turban Hijabs are the solution to Your Jewellery Crisis!  

For those who remain upset about having covered ears due to hijab, well, there you go. Turban Hijabs are quite in-fashion and look amazing when paired with the right kind of earrings. 

There are multiple Hijab styles to leave your ears uncovered for you to flaunt your jewellery. But it's not all about earrings, right? There are numerous other accessory options mentioned below. 

A Scarf Crown fit Our Very Desi “Matha Pati”

matha patti style

Matha Patti’s are perfect for Hijabi girls. They literally become glorious head crowns for the girls who embrace modest fashion.  There are numerous online jewellery stores where you can find hijab compatible head crowns. 

Rings and Bangles, Bracelets: Be choosy! 

rings and bracelet

Well, wearing a lot of bangles can be a problem with those full sleeves. That calls for the ultimate solution that is, going for the quality and not the quantity”. Instead of having bundles of bangles in your hand, pick a classy, elegant bracelet that steals the show. Same goes with the rings - don’t go overboard with the rings as well. If you want to wear heavy ones - better just pick one or two, so they look stylish. 

Walk with Grace in those Shoes! 

stylish shoes for wedding

Now don’t underestimate the effect of some classy shoes! For the modest fashion styling, the best is to wear delicate stilettoes - also, the longer, the better! 

The idea behind recommending high heels is that most modest fashion dresses have long drapes and falls. Now imagine yourself walking like a queen in those long ravishing gowns and classy shoes. Perfect right?

Ace Up the Makeup! 

Of course, we can’t end the discussion without discussing your make-up for the special day. Well, doing Makeup in hijab can be tricky. However, a formal event demands something visible and bright, so you can’t go way too subtle and simple. 

The trick is that you keep a balance. Let's say if you are going with glittery eye shadows of vibrant shades, maybe go light on the lipstick. Or if you want to ace a red lipstick look - keep the eye makeup minimal with liner and mascara. 

Here are some distinctive Makeup Looks we suggest

Highlighting Blush Make up Look 

Make sure you wear a turban hijab or a scarf that does not cover your cheeks completely for this look. Keep the rest of the makeup minimal with a peachy or pink blush along with a subtle pink lipstick. 

Smooky Eye Makeup with Nude Lipstick 

This look is more suitable for the night functions. Go bold with the blackish shades on the eyes, however, as mentioned before, keep the lipstick nude or of a very light shade. 

Match with outfit

Another trick is to involve shades that are in your hijab or outfit and creating a shiny but beautiful fusion. 

Peach Glam 

Soft colours are so in this season. Therefore, there is no harm in applying gleaming eyeshades with pinkish tone and peach-red lips. The look is being considered as the ultimate wedding-appropriate makeup style. 


So, this was our wedding season guide for the ultimate Hijabi girl! All we want is not to be bounded with your modest fashion choice and look absolutely stunning at every wedding event! Browse through with stunning Dubai Abaya Online collection and fashion accessories to find the best products which can help you attain a classic wedding look!