Latest Abaya Styles: Let 2020 Begin with a New Fashion!

2019 was relatively a moderate year for abaya fashion styling, but it was an end of a decade.  So now, we can officially declare 2020 is going to be revolutionary with incredible abaya designs lined up. With all the fresh designs coming up, women around the world surely have a motivation to update their abaya look. After all, a new fashion transformation isn’t a bad idea to welcome the new year with the right spirit! 

Modern abaya collections are no longer restricted in terms of colour, designs, fabrics, and cuts. This fact makes us even more excited to foretell what 2020 beholds for modest fashion in particular.  Here is a list of latest abaya styles that you must include in your wardrobe to nail that perfect modest look. 

Start with a Kimono Style Abaya

As the year has started with some bleak winter charms, going with the Kimono style abaya is a wise choice. You can incorporate smooth fabric stitch and heavy drapes, with some bold colour pallete, and you are all set to ace the most wanted abaya look of the year. Colour choice is, of course, up to you, but nothing beats darker tones Kimonos with black, bluish-grey, and brown shades. 


Floral Abaya All The Way

Floral work in abayas, in any form, will remain an on-trend fashion in 2020. We believe that feminity and uniqueness is the strength of modest modern-day fashion. That is why floral work in the form of prints, embroidery, and beadwork will appear in some stunning Dubai Abaya Online collections this year even more frequently. 


Lace and Dantel Work Abayas

When it’s about designing an ultimate ethnic outfit, intricate lace and Dantel work can never disappoint you. Remember, whether it’s a casual or formal occasion, an intricate lacework has the power to transform your simple appearance into a prominent fashion statement. 

The best thing about lace and dantel work is you don’t have to restrict yourself to only neutral shades. You can flaunt a stunning look at a special occasion by picking a vivid range of colors with contrasting lace on sleeves as well.

lace black abaya

Elegant Embellishments Abaya Style

Adding an elegant little touch of embellished clothing can do wonders for you. Whether you go for a single colour tone or try a contrast between the fabric and the embellished work, it will end up being the perfect style that injects extra glory of sparkle and uniqueness. 

You see, embellishment can work both ways. If it’s your casual abaya look, then you can have a subtly embellished one just to incorporate a touch of classic style. On the other hand, formal wear embellishment abayas are certainly an effortless affair of glamour and grace altogether.  


So, this was our compilation for the latest modern abaya style 2020. However, if you want to go beyond the obvious, you can browse through to get the best of Dubai Abaya collections. Our dedicated design teams create amazing variations of different hijab styles and abaya dresses. It will surely give you the right options to upgrade your modest fashion look.