“Where” to “Wear”? An Ultimate Guide to Abaya Styling as per the Occasion!

Do you know what is the most basic struggle of a woman? Deciding what to wear and how to stylize herself as per the occasion. Now when it comes to modest fashion styling, don’t underestimate the confusion of a girl who wants to wear the most appropriate abaya of her wardrobe, suiting the event. 

If anything, the confusion is much bigger to choose the perfect Abaya and Hijab rather than a simple outfit; because you have to style yourself in a way that is graceful yet distinctive. But there is nothing to worry; we bring you the ultimate Abaya Styling 2020 guide, to collect applause for your smart fashion sense. So, ladies, to ace different abaya styles on every occasion read below and expand you’re your abaya fashion understanding.  

Formal Office Meetings 

Women handling personal and professional lives already have so much to struggle with. They don’t deserve to hassle with the thought of what to wear at tomorrow’s extremely crucial office meeting.  Well, when it comes to an abaya, I would say don’t go for a black one (as it is the more common abaya colour). So how about something classy and professional in grey? Check out this Patterned Lines Grey Abaya with black patterns borders. Simple, and classy right? Perfect to attend board meetings and give a presentation with full confidence, isn’t it? 

grey abaya online

The Wedding of the Year! 

Well, well, well, if the wedding season isn’t the motivation for us to wear the perfect abaya, I don’t know what is.  Don’t we all want to look the most beautiful by wearing the ideal fancy abaya? My advice? Go for star-studded, with something flower or with heavy drapes, like this Starry Night Black Abaya. 

A poncho style like this with sparkling shiny stones will make you look elegant and stylish. The other option is a Silk abaya design with embellishments. Silk has the status to be prestigious and exquisite. Also, it has a subtle shine that automatically enhances quality. 

Another element is the colour. Although black with golden or silver work goes perfectly. However, if you don’t want to keep things monotone, go for a layered two-tone abaya like the one in the picture. Now see how perfect this Layered Up Bunch Elegant Abaya is for a sophisticated wedding ceremony. 


For the Holy Hajj and Umrah Journey

While going for a Hajj or Umrah journey, you must choose something very comfortable and convenient. Of course, you will want to wear something a bit simple and made with a fabric that is cool and soft. Try to go with a Nada Korean Georgetta Abaya. 

This one in our latest Abaya collection is specially designed with keeping in mind the difficulties women face while performing the holy journey of Hajj. Traveling also requires to keep certain items with you all the time, and that is why pockets are the additional element you also need in your Hajj and Umrah Abaya. 


Semi-Formal Dinners and Parties 

There is a thin line between something absolutely formal and semi-casual, like family celebrations and dinners with friends and collogues. In that case, I would suggest to pick a lace or embroidered abaya with detailed work that is not so flashy but at the same time, beautiful and unique.  For example, check out this stunning Laced up divine abaya with stunning broad lace on bottom and sleeves. Notice how there is no other colour involved in the designing; it is completely black, but at the same time, the lace is so gracefully highlighted in design that it enhances the classiness of all black. 


So, now you know, whether it’s a sophisticated Sunday brunch or an elegant dinner, all you have to do is flaunt a lace or embroidered abaya. 

Tell us in the comment section what other occasions you need a different abaya for or check our latest collection here and get the one abaya you need to wear on that event.