Get Ready for Prayer in Seconds with Our Makhna Hijabs believes that a reliable prayer hijab combines functionality, practicality, and comfort. This is why our makhna hijabs are famous for being travel friendly and are specially tailored with a cooling and lightweight material. Our aim as a Hijab expert is to simplify your day-to-day scarf styles by skipping one of the steps as simple as ironing or pining your scarf, and here's a hijab you can throw on and go without tacking it with pins to stay put. Fitting comfortably and modestly, our hijabs are guaranteed to provide comfort and ease during the prayers. They are super versatile and come in vibrant colors too, so you can wear them outside whenever you're low on energy and need a quicker and easier way to get ready. Shop our makhna hijabs online at our website and get free shipping on all orders worth above PKR. 2,995/- nationwide....

    Ease Your Life with No Compromise On Comfort with Our Plain Makhna Hijabs

    The primary comfort problems for people are always related to sweat, ease of movement, and stretchability. With a curated design and use of cooling, breathable and stretchable fabric that will maximize comfort, our makhna hijabs are great for praying in on a daily basis. They are generously sized and heedfully designed to cater to your everyday needs.