15 Gorgeous Hijab Styles At Your Tips with This Ultra Hijab Fashion Guide

Hijab: an impeccable practice embraced by Muslim women all over the world to reflect their Modest Fashion Values. But that’s just one way to look at the picture. Hijab Fashion is a complete fashion realm where women stylise themselves in creative ways by covering their heads in numerous ways.

This is one of the reasons why Hijab fashion is smoothly making its way in mainstream fashion. Talk about the Dubai Abaya Online designs or the exquisite Hijab Online exhibitions from prestigious fashion brands; you will see how far Hijab fashion has come along. 

The New Hijab Styles and Modest Fashion Women

With this rise of the Modest Fashion women, came the beautiful and unique Hijab styles to incorporate every look with the true standards of head covering. This year Abaya.pk has come up with a comprehensive list of all the latest Hijab styles, which make you look ultra-glamorous and goes with all of your dresses and style. So, Ladies, there is no need to hesitate; embrace any look as we have the perfect Hijab style for you to match!

Without further Ado - Let’s get Started

1.    Simple Hijab:

How about we start with something easy? Yes, Simple Hijab looks elegant, and it's actually an easy way out. However, wrapping it the right way makes all the difference.

simple hijab style


  • Start with picking up a rectangular scarf, placing it on your head.
  • Now join both sides of the Hijab, joining it from the point of the chin. Pin it.
  • Switch both sides of the hijab and turn it on the opposite side to your shoulder. Bring it on the other way around and join it.  
  • Spread it and cover your chest.

2.    One Side Drape Hijab:

Draping it on the one side always works. For this kind of look, you should pick up the longer scarves from your Hijab collection. They might look tricky to wear, but this one is straightforward and, in fact, best to wear on an everyday basis. All it takes is just 2 to 3 easy steps, and you are good to go. 

one side drape hijab


  • Cover your sash around your head and join both the ends with a pin.
  • Leave one side more than the other one. Keep the one sidelong. 
  • Make sure to pin it on the opposite side 
  • Now you assemble the scarf by putting the long tail in front.
  • You can keep it collected or Spread it up a little bit as per your dress. 

3.    Accessory Compatible Hijab 

Accessory compatible hijab

Don’t we all want to flaunt those designer scarves while showing off some cool accessories, especially the earrings right? Well, we have a solution for you. Try this accessory compatible Hijab that fulfill your desire to wear beautiful bold earrings. 

Another way to stylise your accessories is to wear a turban hijab, but we will talk more about it later in the blog. Here is the method to wear the Hijab without having to cover your ears. 


  • You can wear a cap first to keep things fixed but its, of course, a choice. 
  • Wear your scarf evenly on the head but this time doesn’t tie it on your chin - instead, go a little down on the nape of your neck and pin it. 
  • Put some Drape on one side of your scarf and flip it on your shoulder. Tuck your scarf behind the earlobes, and you are all good to go. 
  • Don’t forget the final touch - That is wearing your earrings and other accessories! 

4.    Head Cap Modern Hijabs 

Head Cap Modern Hijab becomes a necessity sometimes. For example, if you are wearing a gown or a dress with a lot of frills, there is nothing better than pairing it with a tight turban or Head cap Hijab. You can even add some fancy jewellery like an exquisite necklace wrapped around the Head cape, giving you the perfect royal look. 

head cap hijab


  • Put on the cap, pick your smaller hijab to make sure you can control the layers. 
  • Fold the Hijab into two and start making layers around your head one by one (You can even fix each layer by putting a pin. 
  • Tie the final layer behind your neck or tuck it in under your cap if you are wearing one. 

5.    Hijab without Pin 

Not all styles require tons of pins. You can just feel relaxed with this loose but graceful Hijab without Pin style. Also, it’s the best Hijab Fashion hack when you are getting late. After all, sometimes there is no time to fuss around with pins or struggle to join them from the right places. 

hijab without pin


  • To nail this simple Hijab Style, Pick any kind of scarf to wear it around your head as per your comfort.
  • Throw one end of the scarf to one shoulder, and you are ready with a perfect look.

6.    Front Cover Hijab 

There are all kinds of scarves for girls; one of the most wanted ones is the Front Cover Hijab. Front Cover Hijab style comes in handy when you want to flaunt the beautiful print of your Hijab and can’t do it by wearing it any other way. 

Just spread one corner of it across your chest and tie the rest of it as your hijab to showcase its gorgeous print in all its glory.

front-cover hijab


  • Take a scarf and put it on your head. Divide it into two equal parts.
  • Spread the one side across your chest and ties the other side it the way to wear a simple hijab. That’s it.

7.    Glasses Friendly Hijab 

glass friendly hijab

This is the biggest struggle of the Modern-day Hijabi. Wearing glasses with a Hijab is a true struggle. If you wear glasses and just don’t know how to balance your Hijab puff, it is a horror story. If you wear the scarf too tight on the glasses, the same horror story becomes a funny one, and so the struggle is endless.  

That is why it was necessary to add this section to tell you how to style your Hijab with Glasses on. 


  • Put a Scarf Head Band, so you don’t have to wear the Hijab tightly just to cover your hairline.
  • Now Wrap your scarf loosely. You can pin it or leave it open as per to your mood. 
  • Put the glasses on and there you go! Ready and beautiful. 

8.    Hijab Turban Style 

hijab turban style

Now, as we have finally reached to talk about one of the latest Hijab trends, aka - Hijab Turban style, let me clarify that turban style can be done in many ways. Hijab Turban styles go the best modern and modest fashion melange. 

Note that it is always nice to wear a vibrant colour Hijab in the turban style as it enhances your overall look. 


  •  Set the first hijab on your head in an uneven distribution of 3/4 on one side and 1/4 on the other and pin it up 
  • Now take a second scarf of your choice and tie it around on the neck. 
  • Mold the lesser side, twisting it and tuck it back in the turban. 
  • Now one by one twist the other half of the Hijab around your head make sure each turn you take is neat. 
  • Set the shape as per your style; make sure its adjusted well.  
  • Wrap the first scarf around the neck as desired

9.    Muffler Hijab Style 

Winter season is my personal favourite to experiment with my Hijab style. The chilly weather and the absence of hot moist winds make it easier to carry even more layers of hijab. 

This winter Fashion Muffler Style Scarf is getting massive attention due to its classy yet snuggly look. The best way to try this look is to get your self some thick woolen scarf to get yourself a real feel of winter. 

muffler hijab style


  • Place a fit headscarf enclosed firmly around your head
  • You can then tuck it in a sweater or sweatshirt to enhance that snuggly look.
  • Now twist a not on the other corner of your scarf to give it a bit volume, and you are all good to go. 

10.  Front Drape Style Hijab 

Wearing a Hijab with lots and lots of drapes and nail the look is a dream come true for every woman. Well, today is your lucky day as we are here to let the secret out. The key to wear a front drape style hijab to add as much volume as you can, and here is how. 

front-drape-hijab style


  • Pin your Hijab (with or without the headscarf) tightly in a way that it can hold layers.  
  • Start putting the layers one by one twisting them around your head
  • Make sure you leave much volume for the next layer to have enough drape
  • Tie the other end corner of Hijab, and you are all good to go. 

11.  Front Cover Round Side Hijab 

front cover round hijab

For those who have got a round face, wearing a hijab can be tricky as you fear to look even more round than your face already is. We have come up with the greatest hack style Hijab for girls with a round face.  


  • Place your scarf loosely on your head and give it round turn. 
  • Try avoiding to tie your scarf too tight (use a Hijab head cape if you want to fix your scarf properly) 
  •  Spread the front side of the Hijab over your chest to cover it. 

12.  Summer Style Hijab 

summer style hijab

Doing Hijab in summer is a challenge as the heat gets you hot and itchy. That is why a loose and breezy Summer New Style Hijab must be on your tips. Follow the mentioned below steps to try one! 


  • Choose any scarf with maximum length, having a cotton one is a plus point in summers as well. 
  • Take a big, flowy cotton scarf and casually drape it around your head to beat the sweltering heat. 
  • Make sure not to wrap the scarf tightly around your neck to avoid sweating too much.

13.  Arabic Style Hijab

Arab Scarf and style is quite in these days. They look super ravishing, especially when you are getting ready for a wedding or a formal occasion. Arabic style Hijab is all about extravaganza, so it is entirely up to you how many layers you want. You might need to bind your hair in a high bun.

arabic style abaya


  • Wear the Head cape 
  • Pinup the Hijab 
  • Take both the ends of the hijab from one side and tie the above the head 
  • Now twist and fold the layers from the other end one by one and tie them on the other side 
  • Spread the scarf from the neck in front of the chest 
  • Adjust it as per your comfort 

14.  Turban Tail Hijabs 

Turban tail Hijab Styles are casual but classy. They go well with jeans and other western styles. Here is how you can nail the Turban Tail Hijab Style. 

turban tail style


  • Wear the turban style Hijab 
  • After giving the scarf, a few twists leave the Hijab hanging from both sides. 

15.  Triangular Puff Hijab 

Tringular Hijab style

One of my most favourite Style of Scarfs for Girls is the triangular Puff Hijab. It is simple, easy, and goes with most of the dressing styles. However, a beautiful and firm Hijab Cap will be a must for this one. 


  • Wear the Hijab Cap first 
  • Place the Hijab and pin it up loosely.
  • Make a triangular puff at the top. 
  • Tie both the dangling ends at the back or leave them as they are - depending on your style and outfit. 


So, these were some fantastic New Hijab styles for the Modern Day Hijabi to look gorgeous in every look. If you are interested in experimenting with a few of them, we have the perfect Hijab online collection for you at Abaya.pk. 

Also, tell us in the comment section about what other Hijab styles you want us to share with you!