Hijab Fashion Empowerment - Muslim Women Who are Leaving Their Mark on The World

Hijab and modest fashion styling hold a sacred significance for Muslim women all over the world. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that this is the decade of glory for Muslim women, who carry the elegant, modest look and excel in every field of life as well.

It is quite satisfying to see Muslim ladies across the globe eliminating the myth of abaya and hijab fashion being a hurdle in their career. In fact, there is a unique sense of hijab empowerment effectively inspiring and, encouraging women to stylize themselves as they like, regardless of their professional choices. 

Here is a list of some amazingly successful women who have reached the height of success and glory while supporting modern Muslim fashion.

Hijab Fashion Influencer Saufeeya Goodson

If there is one true face of the gorgeous Dubai Abaya Collections, it is Saufeeya Goodson.  

Saufeeya is a famous model and the co-founder of the prestigious brand, Modest Route. She has been featured in various international magazines as the modern hijab women. Her creative ways of styling hijab and designing abaya dresses led her way to Vogue and Teen Vogue as well. 

Saufeeya is also a successful blogger with a dedicated following on Instagram. She is a rising star representing modest fashion at its best.

Fashion Influencer Saufeeya Goodson

Social Activist Linda Sarsour:

Linda Sarsour is a big name in the socio-political world. She is a well-known civil rights activist belonging to the Palestinian-American background. Linda Sarsour’s more highlighted achievements involve the 2017 Women’s March on Washington and her services as executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. Linda Sarsour spoke fiercely for the women, leading a protest which strengthened millions of women across the globe.  However, her unapologetic modest fashion sense and graceful hijab looks promote Muslim fashion and modesty.

Linda Sarsour Hijab fashion

Hijab Styling Model Halima Aden

For those who think Hijab bounds you in terms of fashion and style statement, Halima Aden is the answer. The Somali-American Muslim became famous when she became the first-ever hijabi to take part in a Minnesota USA pageant.

Her hijab did not come in her way. In fact, she reached the semifinals due to her magnificent style and unnerving confidence. She has made her to many international brands. She also dazzled the runway for Kanye West at his Yeezy Season 5 fashion show. 

Halima, in all her glory, is inspiring women to own their style without any fear. She is one by one, taking down all the stereotypes regarding Muslim Fashion. Her magnificent cover of Allure captioning “This is American Beauty” was an awe-inspiring projection of powerful Hijab Fashion

Hijab Styling Model Halima Aden

Athlete Manal Rostom Flaunting Latest Hijab Styles

The latest hijab styles in 2020 also include an extended range of head scarfs suitable for sports. All credit goes to Nike and their brand ambassador, Manal Rostom. 

Manal Rostom is an Egyptian athlete with remarkable achievements in the sports realm. 

She has run into seven marathons. She also has secured the title to be the first Egyptian woman who has climbed Kilimanjaro (Africa) and Elbrus (Europe), two of the seven highest summits. She is also the first woman to run in the Great Wall of China Marathon and attempted to reach Himalayan as well. While accomplishing every goal in her career, she gracefully manages to represent the modern hijabi girls all over the world. Besides making a name in sports, Monal is also continuously involved in raising her voice for the promotion of hijab fashion. She untiringly engages in debates and dialogue with organizations to be more inclusive of Muslim women. 

Manal Rostom Hijabi

Hijab has become an ultimate power symbol for Muslim women; the above mentioned are only a few of those who are making us proud. The list is endless because every woman owning her beauty is precious. So, if you want to be one of those women, browse through Abaya.pk and choose the most beautiful hijabs for your styling.