Hijab Styling and Makeup? Here is Everything You Should Know About!

A make-up lover and a Hijabi, if combine in one sweet soul - can create a lot of difficulties. You want to Hijab perfectly and at the same time, you want to experiment with a lot of make-up looks. Now you may be thinking what is wrong with that- but the struggle is real! Since, while embracing Hijab Fashion your face becomes prominent - applying makeup becomes difficult 

What Can Go Wrong:

You can buy as many make-up items as you want but there is less chance of hiding a makeup mistake in Hijab if you don’t apply it correctly.  One dark lipstick or a one deformed liner shape can destroy your look. Also, applying too much can be an overdo while wearing too little can make you look plain. So, as a hijabi woman, you must be thinking about what kind of makeup would do justice to your hijab.  

Well, no worries ladies we are here with A-list tips to become the perfect Hijabi Makeup pro.

1.      Take it easy on Foundation, Compacts and Base Creams


Even the best foundations can leave a mark on your Hijab - so you have to be extra careful about that.  Plus, you must consider the colour of your Hijab and how your skin tone seems in it. Use the foundation accordingly. Make sure You don’t overdo it! 

2.    Keep Your Full Focus On Eye-Makeup 


Eyes are definitely the window to your soul. In addition to that when you wear Hijab it automatically becomes the most accentuated feature. Therefore, take extra care of your eye makeup. The more you enhance it with eyeliner and mascara the more beautiful you will look.  

If you want to have a heavy makeup look, you might also want to add an eye shadow. While choosing your eye shadow pallete - keep them in accordance with your Hijab’s Colour. 

There is no harm in going for shiny shades as well when you are going on a wedding or a party. Just make sure you blend them well. Light Golds and silvers are an excellent choice in such scenarios. 

3.    Blushing your Hijab Covered Face! 

blush your face

A perfect blush can make all the difference. Especially when you wear Hijab, and enhance your cheeks with a light blush it actually lights up your face. However, darker blushes can look a little too much even if you haven’t applied much makeup. So be careful while choosing the shade and the quantity you are applying. Also, go for the powder ones if you have oily skin or pick the creamy ones for the dry skin to get the right texture. While attaining your perfect makeup look, make sure you apply your blush with a proper brush to blend it perfectly. 

4.    Fix-It with Lipstick! 

lipstick shades

Of course, the obvious option is to match your lipstick shade with your Hijab colour. But there is surely more science to it. The better suggestion is to go with darker lipsticks if you have kept the rest of the makeup lightly. It will enhance your overall look in no time and will give you a fresh look instantly. 

So this was some of the basic tips for doing fine makeup while wearing a hijab! Do let us know what else would work fine. Also, if you like to get your hands on a new make-up product, browse through our online make-up collection on Abaya.pk