The Ultimate Hijab Colour Theory For All Skin Tones

Hijab is a vital part of a woman’s styling if she follows modest fashion. The hijab you choose to wear can change the feel of your entire look. Ever notice why Hijabi girls end up having more hijabs than the actual dresses? Well, that’s the reason. You can wear anything you want, but if your hijab isn’t right - nothing is. Relatable right? 

Now there are different aspects of hijab fashion, which you might need to take into consideration, including fabrication, design, and colour. In this post, we will discuss the colour and tones of hijabs. So, get ready to dive in some first-rate insight about ‘colour correcting’ your hijab collection.  

The Skin Tone Consideration

The most authentic way to choose your ‘go-to hijab’ is to buy hijabs that complement your skin tone. This technique is used for deciding the everyday hijab which you can gracefully wear anywhere, anytime. Let’s discuss the suitable shades as per each skin tone. 

Lighter Skin Tones 

Light skin either have yellowish or pinkish undertones. So, you would need to be more specific while choosing the colour. However, lighter skin tones generally go best with bold colours. Black and white are natural choices as both suits the light skin tone perfectly. Marines, darker shades of grey, and greens are also some excellent options to make things classier. 

lighter skin tone

Medium Skin Tones 

For Hijabi women with medium skin tones, neutrals work the best. Materials can vary, but shades like are ivory, beige, taupe, camel, blush, and mink will always blend with your tone and reflect a gleaming look. However, if you don’t want to stay fixated on the light shades, try the dark brown shades. The dark brown and maroon that will give you a striking look with a confident signature style.  

medium skin tone

Dark Skin Tones 

Darker tones are considered to be the best for experimenting with various hijab colours. Ladies with dark skin tones have the freedom to experiment with bold colours such as red and maroon, or they can also play with the light shades such as white-cream tones. Therefore, they get to have a larger variety of scale to experiment with hijab colours. 


Play with Contrasts 

One of the best tricks to enhance your hijab and abaya look is to play with contrast. A single colour is not necessary to look graceful and gorgeous. In fact, an intelligent colour combination can really make a difference. For example, if you are going with a light shade abaya or an outfit like a beige kimono, complement it with a vibrant colour hijab such as red or blue. 


Going for the Multi-Colour Ethnicity 

If you are not a fan of monotone or combinations, one can always opt for a gorgeous silk scarf with multi-colour designer prints. Perfect to ace a retro style or pair up with western outfits and contemporary abaya looks; silk scarves give you a glamorous feel instantly. 


So, this was our complete guide to choosing the right colour hijab for every occasion and style. To get the most exquisite scarves of the latest fashion collection, browse through our website and upgrade your Hijab Style in no time.