Confused which Fabric is Best for Abaya? Here is a complete Fabric Guide!

Design, colour and cuts, it’s all fine but fabrication is the by far the most important element when it comes to choosing an abaya. An abaya is something you wear all day, every day; so, you will never want to wear one with a fabrication in which you are not comfortable. 

The confusion among women about the fabrics of abayas creates a big problem whenever they intend to buy an abaya. But no worries, has come up with this comprehensive list of all the abaya fabrics along with their features, quality, and value estimation. 

After reading this blog, I promise you, the next time you will go for abaya shopping, you will have every fabric information on your tips.

1. Nada 

Nada is the Best Fabric for abayas without a doubt. The most luxurious and high-quality abayas are made of Nada fabric. If you look for Dubai abayas online, most of the collections you find are Nada Fabric abayas. What makes it, so prime is the fact that it is 100% polyester. This means it will keep you cool in the hottest weather. They are also supremely comfortable, and the drapes and fall form amazingly due to its soft texture. 

2. Georgette

Georgette is another common fabric to make abayas. However, it is not as soft as Nada Korean fabric and is a little denser and opaque in nature. Georgette is also much cheaper in value; that is why you will find hundreds of abaya designs in the market made with georgette.

3. Linen

Linen fabric’s threads are created with the Flax plant. The abayas made from Linen have the advantage to be more durable than the others since they are more substantial than cotton and other fabrics. If you are looking for casual abaya, for rough and tough use Linen abayas are a better choice. 

4. Chiffon

Although they are not suitable to wear in the heat, Chiffon is considered as a fabric used for making formal fancy abayas. Chiffon has a very thin texture, so it is clearly transparent. That is why whenever you buy a Chiffon abaya, make sure it is along with its lining. Chiffon is suitable to make maxi type abayas with more flowy drapes.

5. Pure Crepe

With an infusion of two different threads, pure crepe has a twisted weave material. The best thing about Pure Crepe is that you won’t have to iron it as it is slippery and doesn’t crease at all. But for those who want loose abayas, crepe might not be the right choice as it is a more suitable fabric for body fit outfits. 

6. Jersey

Jersey is a single knit fabric and best used for stretchy outfits. Like Pure Crepe, Jerseys are only used for slim fit abayas, which are preferred by only a few.

If you have any other fabric in mind about which you want to know about, mention in the comment section. Meanwhile, you can check our latest abaya collection made from pure Nada Korean Georgette.