Try To Avoid These 5 Mistakes You Make in Hijab Styling

A woman goes through multiple fashion problems every single day. Not finding the right earrings or completely mismatching the lipstick shade - all are our own feminine first world problems! In all this mess, there are Hijabis with their own set of hurdles stopping them to nail Hijab Fashion

For the non-hijabi’s this might seem strange. They must be thinking, “Come on! You guys got no bad hair days! You don’t have to worry about different hairstyles what else can you wish for? Well, true, we don’t have bad hair days, but we definitely have horrible Hijab days. On these days, we become our own doom - suffering from our own hijab styling mistakes, which we ourselves fail to recognise. The following are the five basic mistakes every hijabi must avoid to minimise the bad hijab days! Go on and read below! 

Tying Up Your Hair The Wrong Way! 

hijab styles

Here is the thing, there are multiple types of scarf for girls, but you can not wear each of them the same way. Similarly- you should be smart enough to know how you should tie your hair to attain a specific Hijab Style

For example, if you are going with an Arab Scarf style, you must give volume to your hear by making a high rise bun or even some backcombing.  Similarly, for a turban Hijab, you will need to tie your hair tight on the back so that they can be easily covered. 

Choosing Slippery or Transparent Hijabs 

transparent hijabs

This is where we often hit rock bottom. Never make a mistake to attach a lot of expectations from a slippery scarf. Even if you have some of them in your Hijab collection, never try to wear them on an important day. Now most of us become delusional in this matter when we have to pair a luxury Ladies Scarf with our special dress. Mostly these luxury scarfs are made from slippery fabrics, which are hard to fix on your head. 

Also, hijabs with very thin material are of no use unless you can tie them up in several layers. The situation usually ends up you have a lot of deformed layers of the scarf on your face- not looking good at all!  That is why you should only wear fabrics that are soft but fixable and not transparent. If anything, georgette and cotton scarfs are best to experiment with different styles. 

Not Playing with Shades 

hijab shades

There is no fashion scripture with a law that your hijab must match the colour of your dress! Girl, learn to play with the shades and add vibrance in your overall look! You can also test by choosing contrary complementing shades like red and yellow or blue and pink to pop that one colour in your dressing. 

Latest Hijab Trends also include combining two shades of one colour. Let’s say you have a light blue dress, and you stylise it with a Marine blue Hijab. Sounds beautiful right? 

Not Ironing Your Hijab

silk hijabs

Picture this. You are getting late in the morning, and your Hijab is all wrinkled. Thinking to tie it up without ironing? Stop right there. It’s better to wear a mismatched Hijab that is properly ironed than a matching Hijab that is deformed with wrinkles. When you iron your Hijab, it becomes softer and easy to be shaped. On the other hand, you can never attain a good Hijab style with an un-ironed scarf. 

Not Wearing a Hijab Caps 

hijab without cap

If you are someone who enjoys trying new Modern Hijab Styles, you can not go by without wearing under scarfs. If you have tried to tie your Hijab differently without using a Hijab cap, then you will understand what I’m talking about. Head scarfs help you to fix your hijab properly and sustain the shape for longer. They keep all the folds and drapes on their place. 

So, these were the five basic mistakes hijabis make. Do you have any other blunder that modest fashion women avoid? Tell us in the comment section. You can also check our latest Hijab collection by browsing through our website.