Workplace styling 101 all Modest Fashion Way! 

Being a twenty-first-century modern woman with a finer taste in modest fashion takes a lot of thought in styling your daily outfits. Primarily when you work and have to embrace formal attire with an edge of your own style statement. It is a challenge to reshape your wardrobe, putting in all elements of suave, grace, and corporate sophistication together. 

Formal Styling is Interesting and So Much Fun:

Let me remind you that formal styling for women is a whole galaxy of possibilities, and adding the twist of Hijab and Abaya is another entity. The thrill of balancing the professional aura and super sharp, vibrant personality is something that enhances your confidence and therefore reflects in your work performance. 

That's why we are here to give you some valuable and fresh ideas about nailing your office attire? The following looks have the capacity to keep your style classy while exerting the right amount of professional refinement.

1. Blazers of all Kinds for Meetings

Hijabi girls

You have an important meeting where you are about to present the new proposal to clients. There is absolutely no space to make a mistake in your dressing as all focus is going to be on you. In such situations, the quickest fix is charming blazers. 

Although there are different types of blazers, however, the checker blazers have their own class. Get yourself an eye-catching combination of checkers blazers like black and white or dark and light blue. You can pair a complementing hijab with the blazer suit that goes with the whole attire. 

2. Tucked in Tops and Formal Shirts 


If you are someone young, passionate, and a go-getter in your workplace, tuck in formal shirts can be your everyday escape from what-to-wear brainstorming. Get yourself some prominent colour formal shirts like blue, black, maroon, white, and probably a green one. Pair it with white and black formal pants and sophisticated Hijab, and you are all good to go! Or if you are not into formals that much - you don’t have to bore yourself out. Grab a semi-formal top and tuck in. Recent Fashion trends suggest that you wear something like a long neck full sleeve satin top with wide-leg pants. Note that dupatta or stole can hide the tuck-in style. Try to choose a Hijab style that is comfortable but shot so that it could be wrapped on the head.

3. Shrugs, Kimonos, And Overcoats

shrugs for women

Here is a wonderful hack to wear your crop shirts at work without going too bold.  When you have a top that you are reluctant to wear as it doesn’t go with your modest style. Combine it with a shrug, kimono, or overcoat. Office workplaces are the ideal places to flaunt overcoats as most of them are airconditioned and won’t let you feel hot. 

More than that, the abaya kimonos are another option if you want to wear something ethnic but stylish at work. How about you mix and match both the styles and leave the kimono abaya front open with a gorgeous shirt inside. Another possibility is getting a white shrug to wear on tuck in shirts or crop tops to look sophisticated.  Remember, to add an enhancing element of vintage casual scarves and with matching pumps. 

4. The Ultimate Waist Coat Corporate Look

Getting yourself a waistcoat that speaks business. Something like shown in the picture. Simple and Strong style statement perfect for the big official event. Don’t ever make a mistake to wear it with a pair of jeans (jeans are a no in-office anyway). You will also need a formal shirt to wear under it and, of course, some formal or semi-formal pants. Wear a silk scarf or a stunning Turkish hijab the just covers your face, and you are all good to go! 

5. When Travelling for Work 

Traveling for business is always hectic and messy. Under so much pressure, you are often way too preoccupied to dress appropriately. However, your attire is an essential part of your business image, so you have to be ready almost 24/7.  Therefore, from the airport to the business meeting, keep things align in terms of your dress, hijab, and shoes. 

First things first, when you have to walk through the fine line between to casual or too formal - stripe is the way to balance out. Wear a colour stripe shirt (Can be as long as you want) at the airport, so when you are being received at the airport, you are presentable enough to meet anyone. Make sure you don’t overdo it by wearing everything that has a stripe. Let’s say if you have worn a shirt with stripes, keep the pants and hijab simple. 

A quick hack for a quick meeting directly from the airport - Pair up a short black coat with the striping shirt to complete your look. You can also wear court shoes to give yourself a classier look.  

6. Abaya Wear for Office 

grey abaya online

For women who prefer wearing abayas everywhere - no worries ladies, we have the perfect styling ideas for as well. Online abaya shopping in Pakistan is vast and beholds a lot of variety. What you can do is search for some sophisticated, non-drapy or non-flowy abayas with a decent design and colour; something which is in a way casual and nothing too ornamented. For example, check this Patterened Line Grey Abaya - classy, minimal design, and the perfect colour for corporate sophistication. 

If you don’t want to go for black and white, navy blues and greys are perfect for your formal wear office abayas. Also, avoid having any floral embroidery on your office abaya as florals and offices are a no combination. 

One more thing which you should take care of is the length of your abaya. Even if you have to sit all day, your office clothes must be comfortable enough to let you move freely and quickly. Therefore, don’t make a gown like long fall abayas to wear at the office. 

7. Long Coats 


Yes, we are talking about REAL long coats with an exquisite cut and shade. For hyperactive office days in winter - you won’t find a better combination of turtle necks and lock classy coats. You can tuck in your hijab in the shirt to let the turtle neck be visible or just go for a turban hijab that completes the look without sacrificing or covering its charm. Long boots are a more elegant combination; however, you can also wear anything with a closed toe. Stay minimal on the jewellery. You can look through online jewellery collections for some diamond studs, but that is all you need. Anything further will kill the whole graceful vibe of the outfit. 

8.    The Ideal Black Outfit 

You know what they say - nothing can be classier than women in black with a vision in her eyes. Well, its time for you to become that woman by wearing a simple black outfit along with a vibrant hijab and heels. Avoid wearing a black hijab with a total black outfit as it will make the design of your outfit unnoticeable. Try complementing your black outfit with a white or red hijab or even a pink one - something that catches the eye and enhances sophistication.

9. The CEO look 

The CEO look

Your office attire also depends on which position you are working on. If you are in a higher position - your dressing must speak for itself. There should be a certain commanding aura that surrounds you with your sophisticated taste. That is when we recommend you “The CEO” look. Picture yourself in flared pants with a tucked in collar shirt and a fitted coat. Remember that your bag should be stylish as well, something like a chain bag or a strip torte. Also, never forget to wear stilettos, high heel closed-toe boots, which give the idea of your superiority. 

10. Ethnic Wears

Besides abaya fashion and western formal wears, elegant traditional ethnic Kurtis. However, make sure they are not very fancy or embroidered. Go for the light colours with a decent minimal design. Also, they are easier to carry. In this case, you can wear black jeans to make the look office suitable and appealing. White and black plain Kurtis has an entirely different fan following in this regard and hence is an ongoing fashion. There are many abaya brand names in Pakistan that also launch their modest fashion Kurtis for formal environments. You can also make something of your own as well. 


So, these are the ten office styling ideas for the girl next door who want to embrace both modest fashion and corporate styling. To find some suitable work-appropriate abayas and hijab, you can check our Dubai abaya online collections. 

You can also tell us if there are any other modest fashion ideas in your mind that we can add here. Do tell us in the comment section.