Modest Fashion Survival Vs. the Upcoming Spring - Summer Season

As spring arrives and soon it is going to shift slowly to summer, it will be tricky to cover up all - look good and stay breezy as well. Here we are covering everything on this Spring Summer Fashion Guide. From Abaya Fashion to Clothing Style - All It all Here! 

All over the world, summer is more about “showing the skin” ideology, but as a modest fashion enthusiast, you are definitely on another path! So, if you are struggling between usual summer fashion styles - and ‘they are not modest enough,’ here is a set of guidelines for you to keep yourself gorgeous and, most importantly - Cool! 

Without any further drag - Let's get down to business! 

The Right Abaya Style for Summer Girl Profile!

Miuccia Prada says, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

So you see, even when you choose to be modest, there is an element of style you can’t lose! However, keeping the pace up in summers with full length covered clothing needs creativity more than one can imagine! 

Isn’t that the biggest dilemma for women who opt for abaya fashion? Yes, to beat the scorching heat and nail that abaya look is a task, not everyone does best, but you can! Only if you keep these little things in mind. 

Abaya Fabric: 

abaya fabric

Source: Pinterest

This is the key to pick the right abaya for summers. Generally, one of the most suitable fabrics for summer abaya designs is pure Nada Korean Georgette! It is one of the most expensive fabrics for abaya as it is soft and luxurious. The most premium quality abayas are usually made from the Nada Fabric as it is cool and equally exclusive.

Light Colours: 

Summer is the best season to experiment with your abaya. Usually, the abaya styling is done in black. However, since black absorbs all the heat, you don’t want to faint from hotness. Go for a light colour like beige, grey, white, and soft pinks. Take a look at this beige lace orchid abaya. Now, this is something stylish and suitable for enhancing your modest fashion statement style in summers. 

Hijab Fashion for Summer Revolution! 

As Lauren Hutton said,

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose”. 

What we get from the quote mentioned above is that there is no reason to not concentrate only on the on-trend fashion of hijabs and focus more on how you style it! When it comes to Hijab in summers, there is a lot you can do to keep yourself cool and classy. There are all kinds of ladies scarf available in the market, so there is a lot to experiment with! Here is what you need to do. 

Turkish Hijab/ Silk Scarves:

turkish hijab

Turkish Hijabs, which are also called silk scarves, are the head covering hijabs with colourful printing styles. They can be paired with all outfits without any struggle to layer up more and more. They can be worn with a head cap or just simply be wrapped around the heads without any layers so that you can feel light, beautiful, and cool at the same time. 

Loose Layer Style:

layered hijab

Look for the loose layered Hijab Styles, which you can keep you breezy and fashionable as well. Loose layered style comes in handy when you have to move around outside in summers.   Make sure you have the right kind of scarf, and it matches your outfit. 

Accessories and Fashion Jewellery Dilemma:

Spring is around the corner, and we are excited about what the new jewellery collections will bring us. If we talk about summer and spring jewellery choices, it’s all about matching the right jewel with your look. Here are some tips on wearing accessories and jewellery in the spring-summer season. 

Go with Minimalism:

jewellery style

Minimalism is the new trend in modest fashion, and it works wonders in summers and spring. Too much of everything will ruin your look - since the modest way is all about covering full - keep a hand lightly on the accessory section. Go for simple stud earrings or a single statement bangle to put a highlight in your daily look. 

Flaunt Your Gems And Crystal:

Summer is the ideal opportunity to flaunt the crystals and gems jewellery designs. Especially if you are attending a special event like a dinner or a wedding, go bold on your crystal focused jewellery. Also, you don’t have to get fixed on big jewels. You can also go for a delicate beaded chain with a single small crystal in the center. 

Bags to Grab Attention: 

Hijabi girl

For a casual day out on summers, a light shade bucket bag will just do fine. After all, you need something effortless and hassle-free that go with your everyday look. Also, you can flaunt bags with texture but which have less volume. Go for straps if you are choosing a light baggy outfit. 

Shoes to Choose:

shoes to choose

Now, this is the fun part! While choosing the shoes in summers or spring, you will have a wide variety, unlike winters. For the semi-casual style, you can wear a stylish pair of wedges. It will also give you height if you are wearing abayas. Another option is the gladiator style shoes - which are quite on-trend. 

So this was our spring-summer modest fashion guide for you to take notes and elevate your fashion games for the arriving season! What else can we add? Tell us in the comment section. 

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