When you are the Bride and Want to Embrace the Modest Fashion: What to do?

Your wedding is near, and nothing is planned yet? Wait, did you say you are the ultimate modest fashion charmer? Well, that just adds more pressure on you to outline your special day the right way!     

Being a Modest Fashion Brand, we understand that things for someone who embraces Hijab Fashion or abaya styling - things are a bit different. There are numerous measures to take care of and also ensure that everything goes beautifully. 

Well, here we are with lots of tips and hacks to help you with all the wedding arrangements and your personal preparations as well. 

The struggles of a Hijabi and Wedding Preparations  

When we say that hijab is not just a piece of cloth but a lifestyle, it applies to special occasions as well, including the wedding day. That means you need to choose a modest wedding dress, with suitable styling. Then there are the follow-ups with shoes and Fashion jewellery etc. Also, you want other arrangements to be as per your taste. 

Moreover, we have all other nosy relatives who will keep bugging you not to embrace modest fashion because apparently it’s a lot of work. Worry not! We are here to go over each and everything step by step and provide you with the perfect suggestions so that you can have an A-class modest Fashion focused wedding. 

Wedding Dress

There will be all kinds of discussions but first things first, your wedding dress will be the center of attention. Therefore, you need to selective in that one. Now you will want clothing that fully covers you that means full sleeves and covered necks. Somewhat like we see in Dubai Abaya Collections these days.  However, this may put hurdles in your way when you come on the jewellery part, but let’s not worry about that. Right now, focus on these wedding dress options we have for you. 

wedding dress online

You can find many fuller-coverage designs on Online Abaya Store. Look for intricate detailing, fabrics, and contemporary silhouettes. You will come across many decisions to make, such as shoulder coverage, whether from a cap or full-length sleeve, as well as higher necklines and opaque fabrics along the back.

Turtle Neck Modest  Wedding Gowns 

If you cannot think of any other way to cover your neck or you don’t want to use a neck scarf - go fashionable with the turtle neck style at your wedding. Make sure your gown is not loose, so the look fits perfectly on you. 

turtle neck

Mermaid Gowns 

bridal fashion

There can be no better occasion to wear a mermaid gown than your wedding day. Especially when you are a fan of modern fashion elements. Mermaid gown can bring out your unique style exquisitely highlighted with a hijab style that wraps your head with finesse and grace.  

Full-length Skirts and Shirts 

In our desi weddings mostly brides wear fancy ‘ghararas’ which you can take as skirts. If you love that style but also want to stay modest - no worries. All you have to do a search through the latest hijab trends - and find a suitable style to cover your head and adjust your dupatta to complement the style. 

full length skirts

Latest Abaya Styles For Bride 

If you don’t want the hassle of stitching and designing - just pick a magnificently designed abaya to look gorgeous. Multiple modest fashion brands create beautiful Fancy Abaya For Wedding in many styles and colours. 

latest abaya styles

Hijab Styles for Your Perfect Bride Look 

This is going to be a delicate step since the way you stylise your Hijab will be the maker or the breaker of your whole look. Here are some fantastic Hijab styles which you can try to experiment with. 

Arab Style Scarf 

If you have a simple bridal gown that you want to stylise it with something dominating - go for the Arab Style Scarf. However, the Arab style Scarf will minimise your options for jewellery. 

arab style abaya

Turban Hijab Styles 

Although this one is a bit bold for the Eastern brides but Turban Hijabs and long wedding gowns go hand in hand. Also, you can flaunt flawless fancy earrings and a ravishing necklace. 

Turban hijab online


If you have a long dupatta with your dress that you don’t want to eliminate from your overall look, head caps are the perfect solution. Your hair will be covered, and you can take your fully embroidered dupatta in any style. 

Jewellery Selections 

It is not always best to load yourself with everything you can when it comes to jewellery. Sadly, most brides make this mistake of overdoing it. Repeat the precious rule of “Less is more.” Also, wedding Jewelry must not shadow your wedding costume. Especially when your head is all covered, jewellery can be tricky to manage. The best advice is to keep things minimal. 

Statement Jewellery 

statement jewellery

Not all jewellery is for matching your outfit completely. Be a bride who turns the eyes with your complementing yet contrasting jewellery choice. It can be anything from vibrant hoop earrings or a beautiful bold necklace. 

Some general Tips for your Wedding day to be Perfect 

Wedding Arrangements 

Besides how you look, the second important thing is to make the venue look good! Now you don’t have to be a wedding planner to make some fundamental right decisions like the decorations and lighting. Let’s get down to business with elements one by one. 

Colour Themes and arrangements 

Ask me, and I will tell you to go straight for a day wedding with soft pastel colours that suits your modest and sophisticated look. However, not everyone wants a day wedding, and it can be quite hot in some regions. 

wedding theme

A night Ceremony? Take Care of Your Lighting Arrangements 

If the ceremony is at night - try to keep your focus on the kind of lighting you would want. Also, white and pink flower carnations are so in these days.

night wedding arrangement

Sitting Arrangement Planning is also Important! 

Make sure you don’t mess up the sitting arrangements. Keep them spacious and unclustered. It is always better to separate the general sitting area with the dinner place. Saves you from a lot of chaos and cleaning to deal with. 

sitting arrangement

Your Groom Matching with Your Dress? 

Either you are going with a maxi abaya design or something more traditional - Your groom must complement your style with his. You can pair up with colours or just play with contrasting styles like a gown for you and a tuxedo for him. 

bride-groom-matching dress


So this was our whole Getting married in a modest fashion way guide including all your dressing, jewellery and other arrangements details. Can you think of anything else that we should include in this blog? Tell us in our comment section and to check our latest Dubai abaya online collection - Browse through our website.