Ten Kinds Of Casual Abayas that you can Pull Off Anywhere

For women who wear abayas every day - things sometimes get boring and monotonous. After all, the same old black abaya will make things dull about your everyday fashion style, won’t it? Now here is a different perspective which you need to see ladies, how about you wear ethnic abayas but not the same one every day? A couple of stylish, adorable casual abayas in your wardrobe can convert your routine get-up in a charming fashion statement.

This may be an arduous task a few years ago, but as online abaya shopping in Pakistan has evolved a few clicks will open your doors to enormous Dubai Abaya collection and what not! However, to get the right idea about how you can play with your casual abayas collection. So, we have compiled a list of trendy casual abaya ideas for you to have a look at.

When Nothing Goes Right, Stripe!

The no-one formula to nail casual fashion, may it be the western retro style or the abaya fashion, is striping! Stripes are interesting, trendy and never fail to steal attention! Look at online abaya stores for abayas with different stripe designs. See what appeals to you. Now if you don’t want to be extravagant with the stripe design you can look for something simple and classy. 

striped abaya

Simple Patch design

How about a simple abaya with just an elegant patch to go on a casual lunch or a hangout with friends? Sounds perfect right? Well, it is kind of perfect. Now patchwork can be exquisite, it doesn’t have to be very flashy.

simple black abaya

For example, this angel wing black abaya, with a pocket and a magnificent patch of handy work is simply perfect to wear anywhere you want to look elegant and simple.

Denim Abayas are Trendy and Classy

You want to go a little western style- something unique but casual? Ever think of a denim abaya that gives you a retro-contemporary look on a fine day out. Simple, casual and never out of fashion - that’s what your denim abaya will reflect when you add it in your casual abaya collection wardrobe.

Pair it up with a Turkish or simple black hijab and a pair of sunglasses and you become casual fashion queen on the streets, with a super cool take on modest fashion!


Minimal Embroidery is Smart and Casual!

Whenever we think about embroidered abayas, our heads create an image of overly done shiny, fancy abayas which you will dare not wear on a casual day. But here is the thing, embroidery in minimalistic fashion changes the game completely.

Look for an abaya with delicate embroidery patterns on sleeves or jut the borders - that is something you can wear on a daily basis without compromising your sophisticated taste in a modest fashion. Also, contrast plays a big role when it comes to embroidered abayas. You can look for a complementary colour combination or just black abayas with simple white embroidery.


Abayas - that are not black

A simple and easy way out to find beautiful casual abayas with a unique style is to look for anything that is simple and not black! For a hot summer day, you can look for plain abayas and hijab in pastel or nude shades, while if you are preparing your wardrobe for winter, go with a little darker tones like blues and greys.  Literally, anything that is not black, and is simple can be counted as a smart casual abaya style choice!


Lace and Dantel Embroidery is Delicate!

Although lace and dantel abayas are usually best for semi-casual events, however; if the lace is thin and delicate, you can count on into a casual one as well. Delicate lace on the border is also a stylish design that can be carried with confidence on a fine day out!


Stylish Borders are Classy!

If you really wish to go for add something classy in your daily abaya style, then go for the border game! The borders of your abaya can simply become the highlight without much designing or patches of any sort.

Take a look at this deluxe lace Luxury abaya, now this is something we call pure class in its simplest form. There is not a single bead on its ethnic outfit and yet it catches the eye with its black lace upon peach abaya - something you can wear on casual occasions without a second thought!

black border abaya

Floral Abayas Gives You a refreshing Look!

For a casual hangout with friends, a floral abaya is a refreshing choice. Pair it up with a beautiful hijab and nice sandals and you will look a spring queen that slays on a daily basis. It is unfortunate how much we underestimate the beauty of florals in abaya designs.

Florals are the ultimate reflection of beautiful feminine style - most of the summer -spring season. So on a fine day, when you want to look good in casual abaya fashion, nothing can be better than a floral abaya!


Grey Shade for Working Women

You have a meeting in which you want to look smart and professional! Avoid all those fancy abayas- and pick that gorgeous grey abaya that gives you a sophisticated look. It is the perfect shade for women who work in corporate offices as it gives your whole aura a unique confident element!


Abayas with Pockets!

An abaya with pockets is the start of convenience and perfection in casual fashion! Abayas design in which pockets are included are incredibly comfortable and are ideal for everyday jobs! Also, it enhances the entire look of the abaya, incorporating a contemporary, modern, compatible style!