Tips to Stylise Your Different Abaya Styles in Summer

Summer is not around the corner anymore, it's here, and we can definitely feel the heat. Especially women who embrace modest fashion are once again in jeopardy, keep their styling cool, and carry different abaya styles all at once. However, we completely understand that it is not an easy task, right? 

The scorching heat of the sun and covering yourself up in layers is an arduous task. With a little summer fashion hacks and some abaya fashion knowledge, you can make your life easier and your modest style statement classier! Here are seven different things to consider while choosing an abaya style for summers. 

Wear Pure Nada Korean Georgette

There are various abaya fabrics in the market, and some look the same. Now imagine you are browsing through different sites for abaya online shopping Pakistan and you come across so many beautiful designs. Great right? Now let’s order them, but wait! Have you checked what fabric it is made of? If not, then you just committed the biggest abaya shopping crime. 

best abaya fabric

Abayas are ethnic outfits that you have to wear in your daily routine. They are the consistent clothing with not much changes to be done once it's bought. Therefore, when you buy an abaya online, that too to wear in summers, make sure you check its fabric. The ideal fabric for summer abaya designs is pure Nada Korean Georgette. The fabric is one of the most high-quality materials for abaya. It is smooth and soft, light in weight, and, most of all - breezy and cool. Abayas made from Nada Korean georgette are also very comfortable and can be made into any design - as the fabric makes stunning falls and drapes.  

Avoid Black, Try lighter colours 

We understand that most of the abaya collection is in black, but in summers, you need to make a wiser choice. Black consumes a lot of light and heat, which makes the outfit very hot and irritable. Look for the lighter colour abayas such as beige, grey, blue, white, pink, etc. You can check some latest Dubai abaya online collections as well for some new designs in unique light shades. 


You can also wear complementing Hijabs with your fashionable and colourful abayas to give the summer style abaya look a new twist. But since a lot of women love to wear black anyway, you can also wear a combination of two colours keeping one black (minimal) and the other one more prominent. 

Wear Lighter Clothes Inside 


One more mistake that many women make is wearing heavy clothing’s inside your abaya in the summer season. Go easy on the shirts. Wear cotton kurtis even half sleeves, to let your body temperature remain normal. Wearing so many layers of clothing also deforms the design of your abaya as well. So, remember while going out in summers, keep the inner clothes light and cover yourself with the abaya you are wearing on top of it.

Going the Poncho and Kimono Way! 

Summers are ideal for flaunting some flowy latest abaya designs in poncho and kimono style. The closed cuts with loose fittings are simply stunning to look at and are comfortable to wear in summers. There are many poncho and kimono styles available at different online abaya stores, but make sure you select the right fabric as well. 


These two styles also provide you some great options to opt for while going on a formal event. Imagine you have a wedding to attend in this scorching heat, now all you have to do is wear a stunning Kimono or Poncho, maybe with some light embellishment as well, and look gorgeous as your distinctive summer style speaks for itself! 

Minimal Embroidery Designs 

Embroidered abayas, although admired by the majority of women, can make you feel hot in summers. Of Course, that doesn’t mean you don’t wear embroidered abayas but look for the designs with the right amount and position of the embroidery. 


The best-embroidered abayas to wear in summers are the ones with minimal designing on the sleeves or the neck. Maybe some on the borders if it's a front open style. Ethnic outfits like these look beautiful and keep you comfortable in summers.

Laces are so In Trend 

If I talk about the on-trend summer abaya fashion - the first thing that comes to my mind is the lace designs that are a super favourite for this season. Laces have a uniquely feminine touch to them, which glorifies even more when you wear them in the spring-summer season. Most of the laces have some kind of floral pattern, which signifies the beginning of the warmer seasons. It reflects vibrance and life in fashion. 


Now there are so many types and designs of Lace and Dantel abayas. The thinner the lace, the better it is to wear on semi-formal or casual occasions. While broad Dantel and Lace work are more suitable to flaunt on formal occasions such as weddings and formal dinners.  

Styling Your Hijab and Abaya the right way 


Of course, when you wear an abaya, Hijab automatically becomes a part of your dressing. For summers, you can experiment with your Hijab style with loose pin-ups so it can remain breezy and do not induce sweat and humidity in your scalp. Silk scarves, or as we call it Turkish Hijabs are also ideal in summers to wear as they are short, easy to carry, and, most importantly, allows the air to pass. 


So, these were some tips to keep yourself light and cool while summers, wearing a fashionable abaya. If you can think of some other tips and tricks, do tell us in the comments section. Also, to browse through our website to check different abaya styles for spring and summer season.