Some Self Care Hacks & Tips: You Can Make the Most of in this Quarantine Period

We are all stuck at home; for the time being, there is hardly any going out, and you know what this means - for a while, we won’t be able to embrace abaya fashion at all. But there is more to fashion than dressing up and doing makeup - styling yourself with all the glory. The most significant element of beauty is what comes naturally and what's been taken care of naturally. In simple words, we call it our Self Care Routine. Often we women do not find time to look after ourselves and make an effort to make our skin and body more healthy with natural methods. But with everything else being put at the halt - staying at home and taking self-care a little seriously sounds like a perfect plan to me - I am sure it does to you as well. 

Of Course, there is an infinite amount of things you can do, but starting with basics is always a good idea. Therefore, we have put together some simple but beneficial Self-care Hacks and tips for you to take advantage from.  

Skin Care Tips

skin care tips

Self Care involves so many things, and skincare is just one part. Let's start with some essential skin care tips and hacks to get you through dullness, rough patches acne, and other dermatological problems. 

Cleaning your Face Properly 

This is what everyone is going to tell you - no matter how many exclusive products you buy from online makeup shopping - or what creams you use. If you don’t remove your makeup and other dust particles from your skin - it is not going to work. You might be able to hide it with a strong concealer or compact - but the minute you remove it, you will be left with dull skin. 

face massaging

Enhance your cleaning routine by making a habit of washing your face properly. Before that, you can cleanse the pores with a makeup remover wipe, a cleanser, and a toner. After that, wash your face with cold water to stabilize the pores and make your skin look fresh. Don’t use a towel to dry your face. Instead, let it dry it out itself. After that, you can use a moisturizer so that your skin won’t dry out into rough patches. 

Massaging Your Face to Stabilize Blood Circulation 

Not many women understand that having a proper massage is not only essential to apply all the exclusive creams but also to improve the blood circulation of your face. Puffy eyes, swollen cheeks, and other facial problems can be kept under control by a gentle rub of all the parts of your face through fingertips. Note that you don’t have to rub your skin vigorously. A soft touch with consistent movement is the key to adequately done massage. 


For example, while dealing with puffy eyes, you can move your fingers in a certain way to stabilize the blood circulation. You can use your ring fingers to press gently on the orbital bone, moving from the inner corners of your eyes to the outer and repeating two to three times. By doing a regular gentle massage, you can also reduce fine lines and inflammation on your skin. 

Using Honey Mask to Deal with Multiple Skin Problems 

Honey is a miracle in the world of skincare masks. It is an ingredient that can be used for multiple skincare problems and is one of the king components in face masks. One more thing which makes honey super compatible with face masks is that it goes well along with other natural ingredients. 


The best thing to combine honey with is a lemon. Lemon is also another power fighter in the skincare world as it is famous for making your skin glow naturally. The lemon and honey face mask can help you get rid of all the bacterias that cause acne. Another benefit of this mask is that it can also lighten any kind of scars that you are unable to hide even with the best compact.  

Applying Coconut Oil 

coconut oil

Coconut is used in many skincare and makeup products - and for all the good reasons. Coconut oil can act as the ultimate protector for your skin. It has enormous anti-bacterial characteristics that prevent any infectious acne outbursts. Not only the antibacterial properties but the antifungal elements in the coconut oil makes it a valuable asset in skincare. You can always add the oil in your face mask for extra protection for your skin. Its nourishing fatty acids and an enormous quantity of lauric acid make your skin smooth and scar-free as well. 


daily exercise routine

Working over your fitness routine and making the most of quarantine time should be an ultimate goal. Your goal must be to fit in all different abaya style dresses by the end of your quarantine phase. But also, it is important to remind yourself that fitness is also about relieving the stress from your body and enjoying yourself, most of all, feeling good about yourself. Here are some fitness tips that will surely help you gain control of your body the right way. 

Morning Stretch 


A morning stretch helps you out with your flexibility, blood circulation, and stabilizing your immune system. Before you start your day, you can do some general stretching exercises for your muscles, legs, and neck, so you feel even fresher. The stretching has an enormous effect on your skin as with the increased blood circulation - your skin starts clearing up gradually. 



Yoga is one of the best fitness activities you can do easily at home. There are numerous benefits of yoga not only related to your physical health, but mental health improves too, and so does your inner beauty. The base of yoga is gaining stability - and control of your breathing. Once you maintain a routine - and get hold upon it - you can start pushing yourself to master more challenging poses. The physical benefits of yoga include weight reduction, improved muscle and tone figure, better metabolism, and improved energy and vitality. On the other hand, yoga is a great stress reliever. Some so many people have overcome their neurological issues, such as headaches and insomnia. 

Working upon Your Diet 

In our busy routines - we are always on the run. We are just too busy in our office meetings, college classes, and more, to care about avoiding junk and eating healthy. This quarantine time is the best time to discipline ourselves. The truth about beauty and self-care is, whatever we eat affect us the most. From top makeup brands to exclusive Hijab and abaya Fashion - nothing can beat a pure modest lifestyle driven with a proper diet. 

Green Tea 

green tea

Focusing on your health f demands you be a fan of green tea. The antioxidants present in the green tea is a great agent to slow down the skin aging factors such as dark circles and wrinkles. 

Fresh Juice 

fresh juice

Adding fresh juices in your diet is a great way to beautify your skin. Replace the fizzy, sugar flooded drink with the fruit juices. The reduced sugar and consuming all the vitamins present in fruits will definitely start showing results in no time. 


So this was our quarantine self-care hacks and tips for you to acquire a better lifestyle. For the times to come, you can also do some online abaya shopping in Pakistan (there is no harm in doing some pre-order is there? Check out the latest Dubai Abaya Collections and choose the best of the modest fashion for you. Also, what other self-care tips you think we should add, do tell us in your comment section.