The Healthy Ramadan Routine in between the Covid-19, Pandemic Crisis

Ramadan is the holy month - when everything becomes more peaceful and holy. However, this  Ramadan is not the same as every year. With the worldwide pandemic crisis ongoing - Muslims around the world are facing difficulties in spending their Ramadan as they used to. The quarantine conditions are not the same for everyone also as the mosques and everything else is closed - people are bound to their homes - some, not even with enough resources to spend the Ramadan with all its glory. All this has tremendous psychological effects as well - making the situation even more challenging to deal with.

That is why we have come up with some effective pieces of advice to make your Ramadan routine during this COVID -19 crisis a better one!

Sleeping Routine

When we function through a typical day in Ramadan, we have our offices, universities, and other places to go to. This keeps us busy during the day, and by night we are tired enough to sleep until sehri. But because we all are spending our whole day at home (even professional individuals) - our sleeping cycle has been deeply disturbed. Most of us stay awake at night, and by the time it's time to get up and work in the day time - we are all too tired.

sleeping girl

The key is to keep yourself busy and active so that you can sleep peacefully until sehri. How can you do that? Here are some things you can focus on.

Pray with all the Devotion and Recite Quran

reciting Quran

One way to keep yourself awake and active is to indulge yourself in prayers. Ramadan is all about connecting to God more than ever. This quarantine routine can be turned into a golden opportunity to recite and understand the Holy book of Quran. Take out at least one hour a day to recite the Quran and understand the meaning of what you have read. This way, you will be making most of Ramadan and your quarantine won't be that inactive.

Learning to Cook

Just because you are fasting, doesn't mean you can't indulge yourself into food-related hobbies. Ramadan especially is a great time to experiment with your taste and food choice. So many people in this quarantine are learning to cook delicious new things.

how to cook

You can also serve some fantastic dishes in Iftar to add variety when it's time to break your fast and savour palatable items finally. Search for more healthy things you can make instead of oily stuff that is usually the part of our iftar. This way, you will keep yourself busy during the day in improving your diet and health during Ramadan.

Light Workouts

daily workout

Ramadan does not mean you give up your workout entirely. Keep the exertion level right, but it is still crucial to keep your body in motion and break a sweat now and then. Staying at home tends to make people fatter as most of us lose motivation to work out. Lack of space is another issue that can be solved if you search for some "home workout videos".

Online Shopping in Pakistan

online shopping in Pakistan

Since everything has switched to online with its full force - your Ramadan and Eid shopping 2020 are undoubtedly going to be a cyber affair. No one is telling you to get addicted to online shopping during the Pandemic. However, a little search for what you can order and what intend is no crime! Especially if you are a woman that embraces modest fashion - your abaya shopping online can take up a few searches to find the right quality, design, fabric, and cut! Before you make a decision - look for abaya fashion 2020 trends to select the best for yourself.

Experimenting with Your Look and Style

hijab style

After daily chores and Iftar preparations, if you have still got time - how about renewing your overall look.  Sure, those dresses are going to be unworn for a while, and those new style hijab and abayas will remain in your closet because you are not going anywhere. However, experimenting your look for when you will be able to go out will give you an excuse to get out of your PJs.

Reading a Good Book

reading a book during quarantine

Reading is best not as a hobby, but as a habit, however, it is difficult to develop one. This quarantine Ramadan - eliminate your Netflix and televisions and read a good book. This will keep your fasting period safely entertaining and useful as well.

Evolving Your Skin Care Routine

skincare routine

Our hectic polluted routine never gives us a chance to take care of ourselves. Use this Ramadan quarantine time wisely by taking care of your health. After all, no matter how many new abaya styles you carry or what clothes you wear, or how you do your makeup, your skin is the first and foremost element that beautifies you from the inside out!


So, these are some of the compiled advice to make your Ramadan Quarantine routine a good one! What else can make your Ramadan routine productive and peaceful? Do tell us in the comment section! Also, if you choose to shop for an abaya online , do visit where you can find the latest stunning Dubai abaya collections and much more!