Coping- up With COVID-19 Pandemic in the light of Islam

How can you Take refuge in Islam’s guidance to cope up with prevailing Coronavirus Situations?

Islam is a complete code of conduct that provides comprehensive guidance regarding every phase of our life. Since right now, we are suffering through a great biohazardous pandemic (coronavirus), and it has massively affected all of us. In fact, the quarantine and virus phobia, along with the depression and fear of the future has all collectively changed our life completely. Most of us are confused about how to deal with all this. 

Like everything else in our life- the only light through the end of the tunnel is the strang faith, belief in Allah, and following his teachings to keep our selves protected and well. 

Here are some elements of Islam that can help you go through these difficult times improving your mental and physical health altogether. 

Wazuh More Often to Keep Yourself Protected 

Importance of wudu during COVID-19

We all know how important it is to wash your hands - and keep yourself clean to be protected by the harmful droplets that can be on any surface. This requires frequent cleaning. Well, if you look at it with a unique perspective, Wazu is the best practice to apply here as it involves cleaning all your important body parts every five times a day. This not only keeps you fresh but also reminds you to get rid of the bacterias or any other harmful droplets. Five times "wazuh" can help you to prevent coronavirus.

Zakat and Charity for those Who are in Need

Give Zakat to needy person

In these difficult times, we all have to stay at home for the sake of our and everyone’s health. However, we should not forget that an economic setback is being experienced by so many people who work on daily wages. 

Most of us may have enough food stored for the rest of the month, but this is not the case for the people below or on the poverty line. Islam is the religion of humanity that encourages us to help the underprivileged ones in the time of need. In fact, we are bound to take out zakat as per our capacity every year. Therefore-  we should all contribute as much as we can to help out others who are suffering from both virus and financial issues through zakat and charity - this will definitely help the economy to be more stable during this crisis. 

As our Prophet (PBUH) said, 

I gave the pledge of allegiance to the Prophet (PBUH) for offering prayer perfectly, giving Zakat and giving good advice to every Muslim

Namaz with Regularity in Quarantine 

Namaz 5 time a day

A lot of people are struggling through depression due to stay at home and boredom. However, this is the best time to discipline yourself to pray five times a day. Praying five times a day will keep your routine regulated. Your sleeping routine will be better, and namaz will help you cope up with the mental pressure we all facing due to our unconscious fears regarding coronavirus.

Recite Supplication



Islam is not just about abaya and Hijab - it is completely beyond our imagination. To be stronger and stay on the right path through this challenging phase of life, let's look up to Allah’s teachings and guidance. May we all come out from this crisis with a stronger faith and a stronger self.