What Colour Trends Are In For Summer’s Abaya Fashion 2020

Setting your abaya fashion 2020 wardrobe for Summer is not really easy. Along with the characteristics of abaya fabric,  design and cuts another thing plays a really significant role - The colour! Long gone are the days where we all were obliged to follow black abaya fashion - having no other appropriate choice. Today we have tons of choices to experiment with to enhance our look but to make the right choices is important.

So let’s start with some basic colour choices you should make to elevate your abaya style this summer. While there are numerous outlets, collections and options to select your abaya dress from, selecting your shades is a customise choice you should make. Let’s get started. 

Pale Blue and Pink Abaya 

Nothing fits summer idealistic clothes than pastels shade. Try Soft pinks and blues incorporated in your Abaya. This may sound a little dull - but once you style your abaya and hijab the right way, it can be as eye-catching as a bright pop of colour.


The colour combination will represent coolness, serenity and calmness - something we all crave for in summer. You can also do the smart thing which is keeping the abaya complete pastel pink while wearing a combination of blue hijab. Some interesting combinations of accessories with these shades will actually bring out the true summer fashion queen in you. 

Lilac And Beige Abaya Style Dress

Lilac is the ultimate joy to eyes when we talk about a calming effect of light colours. However, both the shades are light so there is no harm in adding a little black pipping and motives to make things interesting. Also, make sure you use the best materials for abayas such as satin or high-quality Nidha Fabric as these fabrics will reflect these colours better and give your abaya a more flowy look. 

Lilac and beige Abaya

If You want something more vibrant while keeping things suitable for the summers, you can also try to incorporate a darker shade of purple along with beige borders or patterns. 

Faded Denim Shade Abayas 

Faded Denim shade - like its name will remind you of your extremely comfortable blue jeans. Faded denim shade is the synonym of cool comfort, and ease, especially when seen on a buttery leather trench coat, a draped dress or an abaya style dress


Now let's make one thing clear, we are talking about the faded denim shade and not the fabric. Denim fabrics are cool but they are literally not the best choice for summers. However, a high quality branded abaya in the faded denim shade will redefine your modest fashion take in the right way. 

Peachish Pinks With Blacks 

Blacks in summers? Yes but only to enhance the cool peachish pink shade with an affectionate feel looks super stunning in abaya style. For this specific colour combination will also suit a fancy abaya design as well. The Black lace or borders perfectly enhances the overall feel giving it an edge of class. 

deluxe lace luxury abaya

The best thing about this combination on a fancy abaya is that you won’t have to go the extra mile of annoying heavy embellishments or embroidery. The look will be sophisticated while perfectly ideal for a special event occurring in summers. 

Cinnamons with Wheat Color 

A lot of people consider cinnamon as way too loud for summers but when combined with a lighter neutral shade - it becomes amazingly impressive. The earthy tones of cinnamon when used as a highlighting pattern on neutral abaya dresses - their result becomes undoubtedly phenomenal. 

embroidered abaya

Like the Blue and Pink combination - cinnamon shade scarves over wheat or Foam colour abaya will also do the trick. It will maintain the “cool” vibe along with an eye-catching pop of autumn-burnt cinnamon shade.

White Abayas

Pure white abayas need no combinations. Some basics are forever green and that is exactly why a white abaya is never a bad idea for summer abaya fashion. Moreover for abayas for Hajj or Umrah - white is one of the most favoured shades as it keeps you cool and absorbs no heat. 

white abaya

White’s clothing effect is simply unbeatable so whether it's the dresses or abayas for women - white fits the profile everywhere. Whites tones can also be taken into consideration as off and faded whites are totally in the market these days. 

Greys Abaya Fashion

grey abaya

Greys with all its shades are a success for Abaya Collection 2020. From Dubai Abaya Fashion to online shopping in Pakistan - You will see greys everywhere. 

There are various combination with greys that you can try - for example 

  • Light Pinks  with Light Greys 
  • Black Borders with Light Greys 
  • Oranges and Greys 

These are the most common grey combinations - however, the best shade to combine with Grey, is actually grey. Playing with Dark and Light grey shade is one of the favourite muses of designers. 


 So this is our take on what colours and combinations you should choose for summer abaya fashion 2020. How about you share your preferences with us in our comments sections and let us know about what you think of our suggestions. Also, Browse through our Abaya.pk’s the exclusive collection which includes some of the above-mentioned colour combinations and some high-class Dubai Abaya Designs.