What’s New in Abaya Fashion 2020 on the UAE side?

The Modest Fashion industry has grown out of the minimal exposure phase - however, the Arab side originators will always have the most dominant influence on abaya styles. The new talk of the town about Abaya Fashion 2020 can not be complete without keeping the Gulf side activities and trends in consideration. 

While the interest in abaya and modest clothing fashion expands internationally - the world still looks up to the UAE’s masterpieces every year for inspiration. So what’s new in the Modest Fashion industry and which of the designs are in this year? Below, we are discussing every nitty-gritty detail we can get our hands on from the UAE Fashion Houses.

What does Latest Abaya Dubai Designs tell us About The Latest Take on Modest Fashion

Dubai abaya fashion

This year’s fashion takes from Dubai will surprise you with its liberty to experiment with cuts and styles. Also, there is a remarkable amount of embroidery based - luxury designs for those who love an elevated vibe in their abaya style stress. 

This Year’s UAE Abaya Collection includes 

  • Arab style Kimonos and Butterfly Abaya Styles 
  • Lazer Cutwork and Exquisite Broad Lace Border Styles 
  • Stone Studded refined works on Formal Style Abayas 
  • Neat Embellishments and Handwork 

Arab style Kimonos and Butterfly Abaya Styles

Modest fashion meeting Modern styles are the point where Kimonos and Butterfly Abaya Styles are taking over women’s fashion requirements.  

“Black Kimonos is The New Black”! 

Black Abaya Fashion isn’t going anywhere - only transformed into gulf inspired much classy style Kimonos. Although the UAE version of Kimono abayas aren't the complete replica of Japan’s original kimono fashion. 

kimono abaya

The designers have adapted the attached (without cut) loose sleeves with drapey bottoms to transform abayas into a new age abaya style dress. Kimono’s fit perfectly to a description of quality abaya because 

  1. They are loose in fittings 
  2. They can be carried in the most stylish ways without exposing much 

Kimonos also enabled a new collection of single-colour concentrated abayas - talk about being modest and classy.    

Extra Flowy - Extreme Drapey - Talk About the Butterfly Abaya Style

All the way from Dubai Abaya Collection, Butterfly Abaya Style has become the new craze. You will see many abaya brands attempting to bring new innovations to the magnificent butterfly style abayas. This style is also generally preferred by Ladies who like loosely fitted abayas incorporating gorgeous drapes. 

Lazer Cutwork and Exquisite Broad Lace Border Styles 

Mostly Luxury Dubai Abaya Collection’s finest dresses feature voguish Lazer Cutwork. The Cutwork style is actually not quite recent but this year they have become the highlight of Abayas Dubai Latest Design. Laser cutwork allows for more precise and intricate patterns to be created and hence the designs are categorised as one of the most exclusive staples manufactured. 

Lazer Cut Work Abaya

While on the other hand, broad lacework has become extra broad this year in Dubai Abaya Fashion. Designers have done a smart thing by not just keeping these abayas black but they have added a lot of colour combinations with black broad laces to give abaya the required prominent look. 

Stone Studded refined works on Formal Style Abayas

Fancy Abayas this year are all about intricate stonework borders - gleaming gorgeously on plain abayas. These designs are especially loved by women because they are fancy enough to be worn on celebrations yet not too heavy to be defined as “overdressed”  

stone studed

Now stonework can be done from hands - but the most adapted and easier method is machine work. However, the prices and quality of the stone studded abaya dresses vary as per to the stone work’s quality. 

Neat Embellishments and Handwork

Another bespoke range of fancy abayas this year has stunning embellishment work. The bridal abaya collections feature gorgeous embellishment and intricate handwork, mostly done with silver and gold beads on black abyss.

Embellished Abaya 

But it’s not only the heavy embellishments that are in fashion. In fact, light embellishment designs in Dubai are more in demand by the international audience as they fit the profile of semi-formal abayas. 

Quality is not Just the Design - But the Fabric too 

The significance of Fabric in abaya fashion is almost holy! As abayas are something worn on a daily basis by most of the women - it is important for them that it is comfortable, durable and yet gives the perfect shape to their outfit.

That is why the discussion of Abaya Fashion 2020 can not be finished without discussing the fabric choices. Well in this department not much has changed. UAE’s most favourite fabric for making abayas has always been soft and lightweight, Nidha Fabric.  

Nidha is the best fabric for abaya because

  1. It is breathable (making it perfect for the scorching heat in Dubai) 
  2. It makes quite a show of a normal abaya design with its ability to make flawless flowy drapes. 
  3. Softest Abaya Fabric To Exist till this day 
  4. All the exclusive and most expensive abayas are made of this Fabric 


So these are all the abaya fashion updates right from the fashion houses of Dubai. Tell us about your views on this blog in the comment section. Also to get the latest Dubai abaya collection - browse through our website and explore the most exclusive abayas from Dubai.