Women's Trendy Velvet Abayas online

Women need new fashion styles and trends often because fashion is for women. Velvet Abayas are a promising fashion in the modest vogue world. The winter of 2022 is all about Velvet abayas women do not use abayas to cover their bodies but make a fashion statement with modesty intact. In the online abayas marketplace, various fancy designer Abayas like Velvet abayas, Silk abayas, etc. are available for party wear.

Here, we will cover all the styles and tips for wearing velvet abayas. Women who cover themselves conscientiously are the pioneers introducing abaya styles with various innovations to the world. Recently, abayas have been used as a necessary everyday fashion that prominent labels worldwide are picking up and presenting to the world. Thus, they are making the abaya style much more distinguishable. As a result, new stylish and fancy designs in abayas have been included for women globally.

Before starting the main topic of Trendy Velvet Abayas; let me give you an overview of how the world perceived abaya from the scene of one of the most prominent movies, "The Sex and the City": four gown fashion mongers are being chased down the streets of an Abu Dhabi market by a mass of angry, traditional Arab men. It appears they are about to be caught, but all of a sudden, a woman in the Niqab (a full-face veil) pulls them into an accessible entryway and hides them deep in the harem, saving them from the mob.

The troubled characters are losing how to speak with women living such a different life than themselves. To the character's surprise and wonder, their saviors tug off their veil along with their lengthy, black robes (abaya) to expose "the latest collections from Paris!" The Emirati (UAE) women read the main character's books and are massive admirers of Western fashion. The quest ends on this delightful note: Beneath all these repressive, traditional garments, Arab women are "just like us, "enthusiastic about fashion, chatter, and shopping.

It shows that the abaya has made its mark in Hollywood, too. Abaya has become a "chic, individualized coat" that women appreciate wearing, an example of individualism within a substantially modest robe model. Of course, velvet abaya in itself is a whole lot, but women can pair them with:

  1. Multi-colored hijabs with abayas will add a colorful burst to the outfit.
  2. Waist belts as an accessory make a velvet abaya give off a formal look worn to any event.
  3. Chic heels are an excellent way to put up with the game of fashioning a plain colored velvet abaya into a fashion staple.
  4. Add dangling or round earrings with the velvet abaya to add personality.
  5. Try new and vivid colors for styling the velvet abaya. It provides a refreshing feeling.
  6. Hand bags add character to the abaya look as it includes a contrast to it.
  7. Wear them over dresses- opt for a front open abaya style to make a chic-looking fashion statement.
  8. Front open velvet abayas can be paired with various ensembles like long dresses, etc.
  9. Velvet front open abayas look amazing with flared pants with a tucked in shirt tucked.
  10. Velvet abayas in the form of long coats, instead of velvet abayas, are worn by street bloggers to put up a fashionable outfit.
  11. Due to the popularity of velvet abayas, women wear them for everyday choruses like work or grocery, etc.

Combine Velvet with new Fabrics

Velvet is a beautiful fabric, but it is not an all-rounder abaya due to its thick fabric- women can only wear them in winters. But, there is a specific class in velvet abayas. So, fashionistas started to experiment by combining velvet with other fabrics. So, labels combine velvet with Nada fabrics or integrate Korean fabric with velvet bodice.

The wrinkly effect on the Velvet abaya makes the abaya shine magnificently. Women can mix and match every season because it's an excellent way of enhancing the abaya more with fun elements.

Velvet Abaya Colors

Sometimes, it can get tricky to spice up abayas in modest yet fashionable ways. However, a velvet abaya saves the day, as it can be worn over a loose fitted dress to keep the modesty intact and cover the body perfectly fashionably.

 The velvet fabric adds personality to the entire look, making it preferable for events, occasions, and everyday office fashion. With appropriate accessories, hijab style, and the essential thing, carrying the look of the velvet abaya is easy. Paring it with Denim abaya and adding Velvet panels is a good combination too.

A bright-colored velvet abaya worn over a dress changes the entire outlook and transforms a dull appearance into an elegant one. The most proposed velvet abaya colors women must try in 2022 include glowing pink, midnight-blue, greyish-black, sea green, etc.