Universal Women Issues That Needs to be Highlighted - A Women’s Day Special Edition

The Women Who Give Birth, Dies in Despair - This Women’s Day, Let’s Highlight These Women Issues For Real! 

Women’s Day is here, and the women around the world are gathering again to put forward the agendas of their struggle. Women empowerment is a universal phenomenon -and has numerous layers to it. With every country having its own set of problems, laws, and notions for the women-oriented issues - the struggle to focus on fundamental topics becomes more prominent. 

The greater dilemma is that many countries have not even started yet to bring any solutions to cater to the massive problem’s women face every day. There is a strong need in many countries revive their laws for making initial improvements in women’s life as per their core issues. 

It is a prolonged debate that what areas actually need improvement as there are numerous criteria where women around the world are struggling to avail equal rights and respect. After extensive research and study, we have found these are some primal issues that exist in one form or another, almost everywhere. 

Violence Against Women

violence against women

According to the UN Women platform, It is concluded that almost 35 percent of women in the world have gone through severe physical violence. Their intimate partners abuse many of them. The number of women who have undergone violence done by their husband/sexual partners is up to 70 percent, according to some studies. 

The rate of depression, HIV, unwanted abortions, pregnancy complications are higher in the cases of abuse as well. What is deeply sad is the fact that the numbers represent not only the third world countries but also the most evolved parts of the world. There are millions of domestic violence cases that go unreported, unregistered all around the world. 

The Glass Ceiling effect and Equal Pay Scale 


The glass ceiling is the intangible obstacle that restricts women and minorities from advancing to the top positions in an organization. The phenomenon is no mindless muse but an actuality from which women suffer from. 

University of Chicago Booth School of Business researched the prevailing effects of the glass ceiling and how it is still intact. 

Chicago Booth Professor Marianne Bertrand says in this regard 

"In a world where talent is distributed equally among women and men, an economy that does not fully tap into the leadership skills offered by women is necessarily inefficient," says Talent is left on the table when women are not placed in leadership positions, and the economy suffers."

The other side of the coin has an even more complicated situation. It involves the unequal pay scale between men and women over the same designations. 

One of the factors which affect the pay scale variation is the Psychological tricks played in this regard. Many pieces of research have highlighted the fact that women are more reluctant to take risks than men are. Executive Managers understand this and, most of the time, take advantage of the fact by offering women lower salaries than they deserve. 

Women Illiteracy and Education Access 

women illiteracy

According to the UNESCO’s estimates, there are 774 million illiterate adults, among which 2/3 are women. There has not been much improvement in these figures for almost the past 20 years now. Out of the 123 million teenagers, 76 million of the illiterate youngsters, are females.

The gender disparities in the statistics mentioned above are highly visible and alarming. But there is even more to the picture. The situation is terrible in third world sub-Saharan Africa, where the illiteracy rate of women is also more than 50 percent. This means more than half of the women have little to no access to education. 

Copious factors are contributing to the horrendous act of keeping women from acquiring education. These factors include gender biases, stereotypical societal roles, poverty, lack of child education rights.  

The lack of initial encouragement to acquire more professional education results in unexplored female minds with little abilities to think critically. Women are underrepresented in scientific and technological fields. This is why the rate of female researches in the world is only a total of 29%. 

Maternal Care and Rights 

maternal care and rights

Women around the world face underprivileged treatment regarding sanitation and maternal health concerns. Over 225 million women in developing countries suffer from the lack of consensual family planning, forced and unsafe abortions, maternal deaths, lack of comfortable sanitation resources. 

The maternal complications and lack of proper care during pregnancy cause 800 women per day all over the world. It is an ironic but unfortunate fact that the women who give birth- dies in despair. If we consider the above numbers true, then it means almost 300,000 female lives are lost while giving birth. 

Child Marriage

child marriage

Child marriage is a curse that even the progressive mindset of human communities is failing to break. Binding children who are under the legal adult age into marriage is a crime, yet each year, 12 million girls are married before the age of 18. That is 23 girls every minute—nearly one every 3 seconds. 

The progressive parts of the world are indeed making their way to condemn and stop this injustice. However, a lot of work has to be done in rural and underprivileged parts of the world. Child marriage disempowers girls by isolating them with limited freedom to think, approach education, or make life choices. In most cases, it also results in extreme codependency on male supporters for even basic necessities, which are often - ignored. 

Underage brides become the victim of sexual and emotional manipulation, which exposes them weak mental and physical health. They are at more risk of encountering harmful complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Poverty and lack of education also lead to contracting HIV/AIDS and undergoing domestic violence. 

What Can We Do As Individuals? 

Martin Luther King, Jr. used a variation of this quote, and I think nothing more explains how important the individual efforts of both men in women are to prevent injustice against women 

“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”. He added, “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

The responsibilities of the state and collective efforts are important to bring change in the bigger picture. However, the small on surface initiative matters a lot as well. Look around, observe, and take a stand daily when you see women suffering from gender inequality or any kind of injustice, no matter how small it is. Always remember that creating a revolution always starts with singular efforts - combined together. 


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