Hijab Women Dealing with Western Styling: What To do?

For the modern Hijab Women, we believe styling and grace are equally important. However, the struggle to ace western clothing without compromising your modest fashion standard is a peculiar state of affairs. There is a higher chance that pairing up your outfits with hijab is a challenge, and there is just not enough variation for you to experiment with. 

Therefore, we have come up with a list of ideas you can implement when you want to look amazing in western clothing and Hijab fashion altogether. 

Tees and Jeans for Summer Fashion

tees and Jeans for hijabi

Imagine its freakishly hot outside and all you want is to wear a simple T-shirt with jeans. The question is how to style it with a Scarf? Well, firstly, you got to shop for full-length tees with sleeves size you are comfortable in. If you want to cover yourself appropriately, you can always wear a pull upfront style hijab that maintains your casual T-shirt look. 

Checkered Pants and Jackets 

checkered pants and shirts

One of the elements of western dressing is the patterns that make you prominent regardless of how you stylise. For a better day at work, how about you try some checkered pants on with decent but modern-day hijab trends.  Checkered jackets and blazers are also under high demand and look fantastic when worn with a simple scarf.

Oversized Sweaters

Oversized sweaters are a modest fashion best enthusiast for sure. They cover you adequately and provide the basic retro look that you want.  A basic black outfit covered with an oversized white or complementing cardigan will enhance your style so effortlessly while you can wear a two-layered hijab style to maintain your modest fashion look. 

over sized sweater

Pink and white Palate in Formals 

The feminine touch of pink and white in formals look soft but classy. The pink and white colour palette is world-renowned for fashionable styling. Wear a formal pink shirt with white pants and a stunning hijab, and you are good to go. It is however, not necessary that the shades are used in formals only. A pink silk blouse o’er white pants and white sneakers make a great casual street style outfit as well. 

Jumpsuit Styling  

jumpsuit styling

Jumpsuits are ideal if you want to flaunt your Modern Hijab styling with an attractive western twist. Jumpsuits look super fabulous on hijabi girls. You can pair it with a white t-shirt and sneakers along with a simple hijab style that speaks for itself. 

Abaya Fashion the Western Styling Way 


Who says you can mix and match the eastern and western outfits? How about this? You pair up a coat abaya style with a decent pair of jeans and a shirt with an elegant scarf on top of eating? Cool right? Remember that abayas can be worn in more than one way, and as long as you are experimenting with your modest fashion look, it is alright to try new styles. 


This chic western style looks on hijab women will definitely look gorgeous and will give them the confidence to wear anything they want. To check out some fantastic abaya and Hijab collection, browse through our website. You can also give your feedback about the western styling modest fashion ideas in our comment sections!