Top 5 Hijab Online Fashion Influencers to Follow

We live in a digital age where social media has the power to upraise the greatest trends. That is why digital influencers are the new asset to promote any trend. When it comes to Modest Fashion styling, there are so many famous names who have acquired the position of Hijab Online Fashion Influencers - empowering the hijab and abaya styles around the world. 

If you are looking for an inspiration to experiment with your fashion statement - these stunning modest fashion figures on Instagram are the ones to follow. 

1.    Habiba Da Silva @lifelongpercussion

Hijabi-habiba Da Silva

 As Hibaba’s bio read “ a 25-year-old navigating life through empowering women, beauty, and style”, she is a beautiful person with great styling sense. Flaunting mostly Turban Hijab styles and her exceptional makeup skills - she has a loyal following of millions of fans. Her content is real, fun, and, most importantly, inspiring. Her experimenting lip colour and out of the box abaya with scarf, and other ethnic outfits in bold patterns and colours are impressive. 

2.    Heba Jay @Heba_Jay

Heba-jay fashion blogger

Heba is a fashion blogger from Newyork with a stunning approach to life, love, and modest fashion. You will see vibrant styling with oversized shirts, long coats, high muffler necks, and flared pants in most of her pictures. Heba influences people not to let their religious practice of dressing modestly keep them aways from expressing her personality through style. Whether ramp walking on a fantastic runway show for fashion week or just hanging out with friends, her to-the-point but extremely eye-catching dresses with win your heart. Next time you are searching for some Latest Hijab Trends with classy fashion - Check Heba’s profile for ideas. 

3.    Maria Alia @mariaalia

Maria Alia

Engaging captions but even more arresting kind of modest fashion styling - That’s what Maria Alia is all about. If you take a look at her feed - you will notice there is no usual social media kind of fakeness in her content.  There is no way too much editing and simple shots. Yet still, her dressing is powerful and stunning as she stylises herself in all kinds of Hijabs and outfits may it be a silk scarf with long coat jacket or a turban style with simple jeans and t-shirt.  

4.    Dian Pelangi @dianpelangi

Dian Pelangi

The well-known Indonesian influencer is an inspiring name for those who look forward to embracing modest fashion styling with all its glory. From a magnificent abaya dress to a unique Hijab online style - Dian can carry everything with exceptional grace. Diane has also been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 lists. Ladies from all over the world also follow her fashion own eponymous fashion line. 

5.    Ruba Zai  @hijabhills

hijab influence

It won’t be wrong to say that Ruba Zai is one of the most stylish Hijabi Traveller with an impressive feed. You can also call her a super cool modest fashion enthusiast mom who looks stunning with her simple hijab style and unique outfit choices. Her Instagram handle is @hijabhills with ravishing followership of 1.1 million. Her posts will catch your eye for the pleasant colour palates, beautiful destinations and her comfortable but classy fashion presentation. 

6.    Conclusion 

Many other gorgeous modest fashion influencers are leading the way with their super voguish style and humble grace. What other modest fashion bloggers and influencers do you follow? Tell us in the comment section. You can also browse through our latest  Dubai Abaya Online Collection to get some gorgeous ethnic outfits to stylise.