Supporting Businesses During Covid 19

There’s no surprise when we say that 2020 has been a year of many hardships for people around the world. Covid has taken the world by storm and is still continuing to do so, affecting thousands of lives every day in some form. Amongst the numerous catastrophes Covid has brought upon us, one very major hit we see every day are businesses suffering.

Unfortunately, times are such that businesses that existed on big scales have suffered immensely leading to downsizing in many industries around the globe. Many breadwinners have lost their jobs which has led to other people in the family, mostly women stepping up and starting home based businesses to support the family. These businesses have a greater impact on the economy of the country than you know.

Similarly, lots of online businesses have emerged to the surface during this time. There are people who have lost their jobs and turned their attention towards an entrepreneurial startup. People who always only contemplated the idea of starting their own work, have now stepped out of their comfort zones and launched their own businesses. From online clothing stores to software houses, people have availed opportunities at their best disposal to get rid of corporate dependency.

Knowing the fact that, great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Similarly, if the economy of the country is suffering, instead of only aiding the public sector, the Government can provide some sort of incentives for Small Business Owners so their ideas can flourish and yield profits not only to them but to the nation’s balance of payments as well.

Apart from financial support, this will leave a footprint in the step for a Digital nation too! Pakistan itself has been struggling for years to enter the digitalization world. People have stuck to their conventional methods and are customed to visit a grocery store in person, pick up food from take out and buying gadgets at the market. Here’s a chance to break that chain and figure out how buying online can yield benefits in so many other ways that weren’t possible before.

As an online business, we urge our readers to support these emerging startups through different ways - Buy from them, Support them and Sharethem with your friends! Instead of buying groceries at hyper markets, order your groceries online this time. This will save you time as well as help someone who’s trying to kickstart his/her startup.

During these unfortunate times, we never know which hardship picks its next victim - when and where. Our business can be next or so can be yours. By supporting each other as a community and flowing money in all kinds of directions, we can figure out a way to pick each other up and get through these trying times. is committed in conducting business in an ethical and professional manner, as identifying our peers in the industry as an integral part of the nation’s economy. Continue to support Pakistan in whatever capacity you can, and we all shall triumph against this pandemic together!