Stylish Black Abaya Designs for Girls in 2021-2022

We are already aware of what an abaya is- a long flowy gown with loose-fitting that is worn every day with a scarf known as a hijab. With long sleeves and the gown covering the whole body, a majority of the time, an abaya has been black in the past. If we talk about the prevalence of abaya-wearers, you will find them in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim countries. Women find abaya easy to wear, convenient, and feel safe within it.

Women opt for the hijab to cover their heads, a scarf tied around the head, so no hair shows. Some people compliment the abaya with a niqab, covering the entire face, including the head and hair. With the revolution in the abaya fashion, non-Muslims also wear it. They find it easier to blend in with the locals without worrying about what they are wearing underside.

Muslim women mostly dress formally, covering their bodies as essential in religion. The best way to do so is to wear an abaya, burqa, chadar, niqab, etc. When a woman steps out of her home, it is a compulsion to wear an abaya in Arab countries, irrespective of name, style, design, and color.

 From plain and simple abayas to cuts and laces, there’s a massive variety of abayas, also known as chadors, are available like other dresses. Muslim women are more inclined towards wearing an abaya, so designers come up with varieties of abaya styles. Initially, all of the abaya clothing was black. But currently, there are many colors in it with different styles illustrating the latest fashion. Discover the new styles in contemporary abayas different colors.

Here are a few abaya styles, hijab designs, and abaya designs for you to pick the one you find the best!

Embroidered Abaya with Lace Detailing

Muslim women need something innovative and fashion-worthy at parties and formal events without being plain. This abaya is made of chiffon and net fabric and a modest neckline; it has a fabric waist belt to highlight the waist elegantly. The embroidery work on the abaya gives a pretty fashionable look, and women can carry it comfortably. The ankle-grazing hemline and cuffs add magnificence to the abaya. You can buy abaya online from many e-Commerce platforms.

Purple Color Regal Abayas

Colorful abayas, especially purple, gives-off a regal look in the abaya fashion. Purple, Lavender, Plum, etc., color abayas are graceful and favorite among females worldwide. Designer abayas of this color make wardrobe staples and fashion statements. A beautifully loose-fitting abaya look falls to the ground, sometimes adorned with lace detailing and laser-cut on the cuffs and hem.

You can pair it with a brooch and a beautiful color hijab to make a fashion statement for a different look.

Elegant Lace Abayas

Lace elaboration on abayas can be seen in all varieties of it. This fashion is also available in the abayas fashion realm. Lace designs give a flawless look to a woman, particularly flower-patterned lace abaya design, which is quite attractive.

Select this abaya style for a dazzling look. Pair it with a matching hijab to complete the appearance. Explore a wide range of abaya styles, including designer abayas, colorful abayas, lace abayas, and many more at, and take full advantage of discounts and offs.

Floral Abayas

Floral abaya designs are quite popular amongst fashion enthusiasts and the female population. Simple abaya styles are more comfortable for casual wear. A floral abaya with a number of variants like net, chiffon, nada, etc., cloth that glides all along the body is a proper look for working women and female students.

At, there are a number of floral abayas like Afsana’hHasbiya’hZainaDelilahAlmas White, are a few of the names. Pair these with a clutch bag and complementary accessories to enrich the look.

Kaftan Abaya

Kaftan abaya style is said to have been devised in the times of Ancient Mesopotamia. Nowadays, this abaya design is considered a fashionable look worn by women. Kaftan is a conventional term for its loose-fitting robe or tunic style in the fashion realm. The abaya has a narrow cut, full sleeves with a long flowy gown, a deep neck with buttons, and an inner garment.

Baroque Embellished Abaya

Embellished and embroidered abayas are exclusive and hand-crafted. These abayas give a glamorous look for specific occasions without compromising the wearer’s modesty and need.

Also, this abaya style can match any decorated jacket to deliver you with a complete look of exceptional beauty and grace. If you’re wearing this in winter, Minal Velvet, Hooram, many other abayas are there for you to select at