Finding the Perfect Gift for the Modest Fashion Enthusiasts

A gift is the highest expression of love. When we choose a gift for a loved one, we not only consider our choice but their interest and personality. We put great effort into choosing something which our loved will like and cherish for their life. Therefore, when you are on your quest to find the perfect gift for a Modest Fashion Enthusiast - you might find yourself in a whirlpool of confusion.  You will be continuously doubting yourself about what could be the gift that the hijabi girl would love? Can it be a stylish Arabic Style Abaya that she will love, or can it be a gorgeous hijab that can look amazing on her? 

So, what to do in such a situation like this? Well, we have an entire list of exciting gifts you can buy for the woman who embraces modest fashion in some way. 

Hijab Fashion Products 

Let’s start with the obvious things first - there are all kinds of gorgeous hijabs in the market. You can make observations about how your gift receivers wear her hijab and then can buy similar ones for her. 

Here are some excellent options. 

Turkish/Silk Scarves 

Exquisite and vibrant - Turkish hijabs can be a thoughtful gift for a modesty follower. There basically silk scarves with printed designs. You can easily find them on any hijab online store. These scarfs can occasionally be worn on formal occasions as they reflect a sense of mysticism and class. 

turkish style scarf

Pashmina Scarf 

For those who live in a colder place - Pashmina scarfs will be a valuable and cherished gift. It has its own significance in the world of modest fashion and is a world re-owned favourite due to its quality and texture. 


Designer Scarves 

Wearing the hijab is a consistent act, and hence one needs a lot of them. Contribute your Hijabi friend’s exclusive collection by giving her a designer scarf. You can check out the online hijab collections to find some really amazing designs. 


Hijab Fashion Accessories 

If you want to go a little out of the box, eliminate the idea of traditional jewellery because your modest fashion friend will have their own kind. Yes, if you are thinking of buying your modest loved one something decorative - here is what you need to find. 

Ladies Brooch 


For those who wear hijabs - these delicate, beautiful brooches can be a sweet gift.  Now there are different scarf brooch available in the market. The fancy ones have crystal and pearly designs while there are other casual ones with cute patterns. 

Scarf Head Crowns 


A hijabi stylise herself differently, so you need to be smart enough to know the correct jewellery for her. For example, a pair of earrings may be difficult for her to wear (unless she wears a turban style hijab), so it is better to gift her a piece of jewellery which she can easily wear. 

Latest Abaya Styles 


Modest fashion has its own layers and trends - which gives you the benefit of being diverse and thoughtful when you choose your gift. So, if your modest fashion embracing loved one are keen on stylish abayas here are some of the few Types you can look into. 

Dantel and Lace Abaya


Dantel and Lace Abayas are so in this year - plus they are semi-casual, so come in more handy on both casual and formal occasions. They are definitely a graceful choice. If the person you want to give a gift is someone who looks for decency and classy - check out some beautiful Dantel and Lace Abaya collections on online stores. 

Ponchu Style Abaya

Poncho style Abayas are fashionable and in demand these days. They look gorgeous on women who style it with an Arabic Style scarf and some high heels. They are in display on many Dubai abaya online collections- get the best quality ones to nail that gift! 


Abaya Kimono 

What most of the modest fashion women want is to have high-quality Abaya kimono style. The baggy but graceful design is loved all over the world and has a fashion following of its own. Also, make sure that if you are gifting an abaya, it should be made with Nada Korean georgette as it is the best fabric to make abayas and is super soft and comfortable. 

poncho style abaya


So this is our gift guide to find the perfect gift for a modern enthusiast. There can also be other objects like bags, jewellery, shoes, and something that is of her interest. However, if you want to give her something that enhances her modest beauty more- the ones mentioned above are perfect options. 

Browse through our Dubai Abaya online collection on our website to buy the perfect gift for your loved one. Also, if you can think of any other items which a hijabi or modest woman would love, do tell us in the comment section.