Most Popular Hijab Design in Fashion 2022

Often, hijabs are associated with Islam or Muslim women. Although a hijab is all about modesty for Muslim women, it offers immense power for women in general. Transformation in Hijab Fashion provides women with beautiful styles, power, enhanced beauty, and liberation. Muslim women show that a hijab is not a hindrance to success- it's power and influence.


When we talk about Hijabs, we're talking about various hijab styles and fabrics. Women of every age wish to have chic hijab styles to flaunt their uniqueness in the crowd. Every day, hijabi bloggers introduce new ways of adorning your designer abaya with trendy hijabs so you can conquer the world. The world needs to understand that it's the 21st century, and the Hijab is more of a success symbol than suppression.

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Worldwide, Muslime women have done the perfect revamping of their modesty-wear wardrobe, gearing themselves with magnificent hijabs, designer abayas, and modesty-wear accessories. Do you know the world's most expensive hijab is in Malaysia, worth RM 100,000! It shows that Hijab fashion is not coming slow.

Hijab is amongst the most popular fashion article in the industry- Michael Kors has a full-fledged hijab collection for women. This shows the power of Muslim fashion and its substantial impact on the fashion realm. But, this is not all - the world's most prominent labels like Dolce & Gabanna, Nike, Gucci, Chanel, Haute Hijab, and others have introduced this versatile article into their collection.

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It's not the first time these prominent labels have opened their doors to Muslim modesty fashion and culture. But, on the contrary, this is just a beginner of Muslim fashion. Also, these big brands have conveyed the message that a hijab helps a woman get the success she is entitled to. So let's see some of the most fashionable hijab designs of this year!

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Hijab is one of the most versatile articles in the modesty wear collection. You can wear it in any way, and it will look beautiful. Moreover, wearing a hijab trendily magnifies a woman's appearance and charm. But, before we move on to the most popular hijab designs in the fashion industry, consider these points while selecting the hijab style.


It sounds easy to buy a beautiful hijab piece from any online hijab shop, but this is not the case. Here, we have gathered a few points to help you select the perfect hijab design according to your personality.

  • Hijab Fabric: If you're new to hijab fashion, make sure you're buying the hijab according to the current weather. It means that always accept a hijab with weather-friendly fabric. You don't want to sweat in humid weather or have chilled ears in freezing temperatures.
  • Hijab Designs: Hijab is a resourceful article- rather than wearing your hijab in a "plain jane" way, keep experimenting with your hijab style. You can take help from hijab bloggers and their amazing videos.

  • Face cut: Face cut matters a lot when buying a hijab. Not every hijab is compatible with every face cut. So, be very careful about hijab cut and design at this point.

Now that we've established the primary points of hijab purchase, here are the most popular hijab designs in the fashion world of 2022.

Printed Hijab

If you're looking for a stylish look, Printed Hijabs are the best option. In summers, their cool prints give off a serene effect. You can pair this hijab with any abaya style and make your fashion statement. Another good thing about this hijab is that it's available in multiple hues and designs.

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Nude Hijab

You can never go wrong with nude/natural hues in hijab. This design is perfect for every occasion- formal, semi-formal, or causal. It offers exemplary appeal to a woman's appearance without compromising modesty. A flawless look, beautiful design, gorgeous color, and soft-touch enhance women's beauty.

Cotton Hijab

We're unaware of the cotton hijab's attributes- light-weight, breathable, and the best fabric to have in a hijab. It's best for women wearing it in humid climates. You can wear this excellent piece for an official meeting or going out shopping. There're many designs available in this Hijab category!

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Embroidered Hijab

Some exclusive events, like weddings or festive events where your everyday hijabs are a Big no! So for those occasions, you have these beautifully embroidered hijabs. With stonework and different embellishments, these hijabs give you the flawless look of a fancy woman.
Hijab is essential for women- especially Muslim women because it provides security, modesty, and chic fashion. With hijabs of various designs and styles, you can outdo yourself and create new looks every day. However, there is no reason for a woman to wrap the hijab simply and step out. As a hijabi, you can include many accessories to your hijab, such as magnet hijab pins, brooches, hijab caps, and jewelry. The hijab is your canvas- paint it as you like!