Is Your Fashion Knowledge complete if you Are Unsure of Your Earring Style?

An adequate Fashion statement does not always require high profile clothes or expensive shoes. In fact, fashion is something to express who you really are in a way that makes you comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Among many elements to enhance your fashionable personality, the selection of earrings plays a very significant part. 

However, not many people give much consideration before choosing their earrings, wish is indeed a fashion blunder. So let's discuss why having an earring style awareness is important and what should be your pick as per different situations and facts. 


Why Should I be Conscious About my Earrings? 

Earrings may be one of the earliest sorts of human adornment, but with time they have gained more weightage in style rather than losing its importance. The reason? Well, it’s quite simple earrings when worn, become a very highlighted part of our face. In fact, sometimes all you need are the right pair of earrings to enhance your look the right way. 

jhumka earrings

By the passage of time, many variations of earrings have been introduced - introducing more styles and variety.  So another way to sort out your earring choices is through the styles love to carry. A classic pair of jhumka is s all you want to complete and ethnic look. While on the other hand there is a whole different category and range of options if you wanna go a bit funky or western. Here is a sneak peek in the realm of smart earring choices.  

Match Your Earrings with Your Personality 

matching earrings

Rather than always matching the colour of your earrings to your dress - how about you concentrate on the style this time? If you ask someone who adores delicate styling the best earrings for you are stud earrings Even better diamond studs or on a western dress, you can also experiment with silver or golden hoop earrings. On the other hand, for bold styling, funky earring designs or antiques will suit you the best. 

Choosing Earring Designs as per Your Facial Shape 

For faces with wide heads or a triangular jaw type, dangling designs balances out well. If you are dressing up for a special occasion, select a lovely pair of ‘teardrop earrings’. Tassled earrings of various sizes and designs are also an appropriate option for semi-formal occasions. 

hoop earrings

Girls with round faces have the privilege to have more options as they can carry small tops - to even the biggest size jhumka designs. Faces which are comparatively longer can be beautified clustered earrings, short dangle trending earrings, hoops and studs.

Hairstyles and Trendy Earrings Choices 

earring studs

Another way to decide upon your earrings is to consider your hairstyle. Keep in mind that if you are going will all loose hair - well any kind of earrings will be hidden most of the time. However, on a casual day, you can wear single gemstone tops for a striking effect or simple diamond stud for a more decent tone. 


Earrings for women is an important element and will always be. Tell us in the comment section about what you think of our earring science analysis. Also, to explore a bespoke range of trendy jewellery collection, browse through!