latest abaya style for ladies 2022

The notion that Abayas are the best integration in a market has led the idea and impression of the consumer to consume abayas often. What idea brings one to believe that this abaya will be the best addition to their wardrobe. When buying 'your favorite abaya online, there are numerous options! Many think about what the appropriate material is. Color? Size? What fits best with the occasion?

dubai abaya

The evolving world has brought Burkah (Abaya); to change with the evolving world. The designs have adopted more subtlety since the awareness of abaya. When you listen to somebody talking about abaya, the picture you assume is the same as the traditional design. But this has changed completely; the patterns have adopted the modern style. Abayas are found at present in various kinds.

abaya design

The evolution of Abaya designs has attracted many Muslim women domestically and internationally to try it. It brings comfortability and is easy to wear anywhere you prefer. At Universities, Offices, Formal gatherings, even when you're going to meet your friends, planning a movie, and going shopping. Abayas have entirely changed the perception of a simple plain Cloak to various variations. It has attracted many women and girls to buy abayas and practice this regulation, fulfilling the Islamic Sunnah.

Due to these modifications, abayas' popularity has increased, attracting many non-Muslims to wear Abayas (Hijab). Appealing to the wearer of Abayas has become a great deal of evolution as half percentage of Muslim women started practicing this Sunnah. From Islamic perception, nothing is better than protecting your dignity, and Muslim women are obligated to practice this Sunnah as Abaya is denoted as protection to women.

The new abaya and scarf fashion has also accused brands of taking over this niche, tempting the magnificence of modern abaya by bringing contemporary styles to the abaya's traditional look. However, abayas have done wonders in this field of thought to enhance appearance ultimately. First, the type of one-piece cloth draped from shoulders, covering the entire body from neck to toe of women, has been integrated into different styling, starting with embellished embroidery on sleeves; then designing was done on a complete draped abaya. Eventually, the structure of abayas ultimately improved with coat style, open-robed design, Lining, and box-prints patterns integration.

Likewise, Poncho and Kaftan will present you with the various Abayas Fashion designs in 2022. Modifying abaya designs evolved, the list has been gathered to look up what you need to upgrade your wardrobe; styles are only made to amaze your look.


  1. Arabic Abaya.
  2. Poncho/Kaftan Abaya
  3. Butterfly Abaya
  4. Coat-Robed Abaya
  5. Scrunchy Abaya
  6. Studded/Embellished Abayas


Arabic abaya

In recent times, the Arabic abaya has been an infamous article of Abayas, available in multiple colors and styles with differing patter. In several Fabrics, Lining, Printed, Silk, Chiffon, Lawn & Georgette. A headscarf with matching color is an exception to the look, a treat to your purchase. To find shop online for your desired look and enjoy the stunning look.


The Kaftan/Poncho Abaya is the recent modern wearing, that is a long length drape, straight also robed to enhance the style, cutting sleeve hole (quarter sleeves), cape style Kaftan also available in long length straight shirt with chalk opening. The fabric is cotton, velvet, and chiffon; it Contains a V-Shaped look. The vivid colors enhance the look ultimately.

Butterfly abaya

If you prefer a fit abaya, the Butterfly Abaya is the right choice; it's structured-on butterfly flap-like style, piping from the end opening to sleeves, and beaded design. Also available in several prints that make them look more glamorous when worn. The design is fully embroidered, opens on the sleeves holes, and covers the entire body. 

Coat–robe abaya

The coat-style abayas with a front opening are the look you can carry within formal gatherings, meetings, and go-to school, college, and university. Found at reasonable prices, many women and girls find this; a convenient look to wear when appearing in public—furthermore, designed in a front-opening, button-down style, and various colors—also the best wear-on on occasion.


Abayas are designed with stonework and studded beads, which ultimately enhance the appearance of abayas. In gorgeous black color, the fabric patterns improve the look and contain the stylish elegance of cloth to charm the wearer. It is attractive to many eyes; it is a perfect outfit selection for your wardrobe to enchant the occasion with your stunning appearance.


The above list is trending Abayas of 2022, which can be found on online websites at your ease to choose among your desirable style and pitch-the-look.