How can I Look Good in an Abaya?

Abaya is an attire that we wear for daily use, and nowadays, abayas are one of the most fashionable wardrobe attire in the world. As soon as someone says modest dressing, we all think of the abaya. But, just like any other fashion, there are a few dos and don'ts of Abaya dressing as well. Most of the time, women do not pay attention to tiny details of abaya dressing, and thus they don’t look their best.

So, the question that arises the most in women’s minds now is: how can I look good in an Abaya? As a fashion expert, I can tell you it’s quite simple to achieve that gorgeous look like that in the ads. Abaya styles are easy if you know what suits you and your overall personality rather than for styles or abaya designs that compliment you. Here’s a list of abaya and hijab styles, Dos and Donts. Check them out.

1.    Sleeves Matter A Lot

Women do not understand the importance of a good sleeve. If the length of a sleeve is either too long or too short- trust me, you will ruin a good look. Not just this, sleeves, if too long, will get into your daily routines, and short sleeves might give you sunburns when outside. The recommended length of your abaya’s sleeve must end right at your wrist.

2.    Too Many Fabric Layers is Overwhelming

It looks a bit overwhelming when you see someone swimming in fabric. This is the case with layered abayas. Especially, it’s you have a petite frame, selecting a flowy and layered abaya will hide you. So, it is advisable to buy abaya designs that fit your shoulders and don’t overpower your frame. If you like flowy abayas, opt for the ones with a belt.

3.    Sweeping is Never a Fashion

No matter which kind of abaya you’re wearing, a sweeping one doesn’t look good at all. The same is true for a short one. When purchasing an abaya style, always try it on with both kinds of footwear: heels and flats. Then go for a length just a couple of centimetres below the ankle.

4.    Flattering Fit is the Right Choice

Choosing something that flows rather than sticks is the better option. Women frequently made the mistake of selecting a SlimFit abaya style that stuck to their bodies. Go for a Regular Fit with a belt at the waist to keep the attire modest yet elegant simultaneously!

Before ordering, always measure yourself up first, compare it to your other abayas to attain the perfect option for yourself.


5.    Eliminate the Thick Thing

Again, avoid layering too much. Excessive layers over your dress destroy s streamlined look you wish for. To avoid this, stick to a dressing style made from lightweight fabric. Not only will this eliminate the thick element from your appearance, but it also allows you the room to style your abayas and hijabs as you wish. Staying warm is the mission in winter- try to remain cosy without looking puffy.

6.    Keep in Mind Seasons

Abayas are mere cover-all's that require revamps. Also, just like any other clothing range, abayas come in season-oriented fabrics. Just like for summers, there are many fabrics like Silk, Cotton, Nada, Crepe, Chiffon, etc. There are fabrics for winters as well like Jersey, Wool, Nada, Velvet, etc. Make sure your abaya styles, hijab styles, abaya designs, and colors align with the season you’re wearing it in.

7.    Class is the Aim

Embroideries and needlework are stunning. They add luxury and vibrancy to your abayas—but this is true if and only if there is precision in the creation. When shopping for an abaya online, especially, focus on the quality and precision of the embroidery. Are the embellishments crafted professionally? If yes, go for it. After all, poorly embedded crystals, worn embroidery, and unraveling sequins are never in style.

8.    Upgrade the Black Frequently

Black is the colour that accompanies every skin tone and every underlay colour. But, with excessive wear, black abayas fade quickly. As soon as you observe the fade-disappearing, ASAP buy a new abaya style and design in black colour. Follow those fades as they are helpful and better practices to keep your abaya’s life long.

Follow these tips, and you surely will leave an impression on everyone. With the right size, measurements, sleeves, colour, abaya designs, hijabs and hijab styles, abaya styles, etc., you can look modern, stylish, elegant, yet modest and fancy.