Has 2021 Expanded New Horizons of Women Empowerment?

From those chaotic days when women’s right of votes were tarnished to times when the females came forward to fight off their battles of injustice, discrimination, and patriarchy in different forms, we all seem to come a long way. There’s no denying the fact that women have faced oppression, be it sexual factors, ethnic values, class, nationality or traditions, things weren’t the same as they are today. While, we saw women carrying daily tasks of life with confidence, we’ve witnessed to see them be the highly skilled women surgeons, doctors, astronauts, travelers and what not.

Considering the privileged positions and internalized dominance in society, the stereotypical mindsets of people are now being changed. People now understand the rights of their daughters, wives, family members, female strangers and the list continues but there’s still a huge gap which needs to be filled as the presence of age-old prejudices and domestic aspects still play a major role.

It’s a sheer joy to experience and go through the inspiring success stories of women around the globe who are making things happen. With Covid-19 pandemic hitting and shaking the whole world, we perceived how New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, Germany’s Angela Merkel, India’s K K Shailaja and several other world’s leaders came forth and showed how progressed and well-equipped women were with the qualities of courage, leadership and intelligence.

With the smashed gender prejudice, the Nobel laureates also set a huge example of how smoothly things are moving including big names like Jennifer Doudna, Andrea Ghez, Louise Gluck and several others. Notwithstanding all the glass ceilings, Pakistani women have also changed the perceptions of people with their revolutionary accomplishments. Going through our patriotic chords and memory lane, these courageous intellectual women are listed as Zara Naeem Dar, Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa, Tabassum Adnan, Ayesha Farooq, Shamim Akhtar, Ms. Tahira Qazi and an enormous list is out there that continues to impress us.

From typical gender stereotypes to women empowerment, we have seen a beautiful transition of women. Knowing the rights of education or making the best out of their lives, we all know that restricting women from using their full potential is something really absurd. Seeing how people take women matter a lot – what if you are a man and has three sisters and female cousins or some female colleagues at office. How you behave and deal with women matter a lot and influence others to do so - if given adequate support and opportunities then these women can do wonders. Women empowerment is only possible if we eradicate the systematic discrimination, inferior societal make-up, and stereotypical society, consider women as humans and do the best for them.

Women who balance their personal, professional and free-will lives, are actually winning at life. Change can be felt but we really need to train our sons and daughters well to have a beautiful and intellectual upcoming generation who acknowledge each other’s rights and responsibilities as good humans. The baby steps pave the path to a beautiful future so learn, understand, and show empathy towards everyone and make life easier as women empowerment isn’t possible if there’s no cooperation or empathy. Break the cultural barriers and stereotypes!

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