The Fashion Show Worth Fashion Shoes - How to choose the right Footwear

Shoes are a vital part of the fashion realm and your personality as well. All the divas and gurus of the fashion world know the fact - and hence an enormous part of their focus remains on shoes. 

However, the world of shoes is limitless, and there are endless possibilities. Choosing from so many different types and styles of shoes for women is a task. Also, shoes are categorized as per to so many elements like outfit consideration, occasion, comfort, design, and much more.

 This can often make it pretty tough when choosing what to buy. After all, when it comes to shoes, we want everything from comfortable and class to trending and suitable. 

But don’t worry, ladies - we have come up with comprehensive guidelines for you to track down your perfect footwear! 

Some Initial Buying Tips 

Before we talk about specifications, let’s go through some general advice for shoe shopping sessions. 

Keeping a Trace for Size 

shoe size chart

Size issues are the most common. To resolve that quickly, keep tracing of your foot so you can just place any shoes to know if it’s the right size or not. It can also help you gauge whether the show is too narrow according to your feet. 

The right time for Shopping 

There is a whole lot of science to it, but it is better to just do the shoe shopping at day time as your foot naturally expands with use during the day. So, there is a possibility the shoe which you pick at night might not fit you in the day. (Sounds crazy, right? Well, it not!) 



If you are going to buy a shoe with which you might need a sock - then wear the same type of socks to the store that you mean to wear with the boots.

Always try the Shoe the Right Way

Never be lazy to try the shoe before you buy it!  And by trying I don’t mean just walk in them for a second. There is a proper way to do it.  Stand in the shoes. Squeeze lightly on the tip of the shoe so you can spare about a half-inch of the area between your first toe and the edge of the shoe. This will tell you if you have enough space for your fingers to move forward. Try to move your toes while walking to see if the shoes are comfortable. 

The shoe fits you properly 


Walking in the shoes is important to ensure your shoe fit perfectly as well. Remember, the feeling of the shoe is significant. Ask yourself, Is it comfortable? Is there enough room for my toes to fit? Does it Fit my ankle fit perfectly (make sure they are not popping up as you walk)? Never settle on a pair of the shoe if there are any of these problems in it no matter how good they look in your feet. You won’t be able to wear them. 

Trust Your Gut 

Remember you have to walk in your own shoes. So, never just accept what others say no matter if its the salesmen or your shopping partner. Rely on your comfort level rather than a shoe's size or description. There is no standard worldwide to determine the size of the shoes accurately, so it varies. That is why you have to check and trust in yourself. 

Check the Inside of the Shoe

Before you buy it or wear it - always check inside of the shoe for any tags, seams, or other material that might irritate your foot.

Check the sole 


Sole is the soul of the shoes. Therefore, never forget to check them, especially when you are buying some sneakers, joggers, or court shoes. Make sure they are firm enough to protect your toes from hard or sharp objects in the way? They should also have a specific kind of cushioning to keep the front side of the shoes soft and intact. 

Does Your Shoe Meet Your Fashion Requirements? 

Now that the buying tips are aside let’s see the fashion perspective. It is impossible to conclude all the shoe types in one blog. So, let’s discuss the fashion elements which you can or should consider while pairing shoes with your looks. 

Heels - Design, Size and Comfort Level

Normally when we talk about fashion and shoes together - ninety percent of the time it means some kind of heels are involved. Let’s talk about them one by one. 

Pumps and Stilettos: They absolute party wear that can’t go wrong. Goes perfectly with every kind of dress from abaya kimono to knee-high dresses- stilettos are the best friend of every woman. 

Block Heals: Block heels are for semi-casual events. Looks lovely on jeans, flowy casual tops, and short length frocks. It is A comfortable option for flair pants and trousers as well. 


Sling Back Heels: Sling Back Heels are stylish and trendy but do not go with every style. Wear them only with where the back strap of your shoes can be visible. 

High Heel Boots: Winter Fashion, along with classy high heel boots. For those who embrace modest fashion, long high heel boots can save the day if you have a dress of shorter lengths. 

Kitten Heels: Kitten Heels are perfect for the casual corporate environment- where there is everyday excretion but you got to maintain the class of your attire. 

Matching the Dress. 

Your shoes can be complemented with the choice of your dress. That obviously doesn’t mean that you have to wear blue shoes if you have got a black dress. In fact, popping up your style with a vibrant shoe colour is shoe fashion 2020 hacks 101. For example, red shoes go with yellow, white blue and black dresses perfectly, enhancing the colour combination.  


Also, avoid wearing black shoes with every dress. It simply shoes fashion laziness. In fashion language, the designer interprets it as a “ no personality “ choice. 


We hope that after reading this guide of ours - your shoe problem will reduce to zero. If you have any other question regarding shoes in your mind, do share us in the comment sections. You can also browse through our website to check the latest Dubai abaya online collections and other fashion products.