Make a Statment with Your Elevated Fashion Jewellery Sense

We have all been there, with enormous Fashion jewellery collection spread in front of us, and we blank entirely with what to wear. Believe it or not, it is a real dilemma for every woman at some point in her life. Jewellery and accessories are an essential element of a woman’s style, yet most of us remain perplexed in divided when it comes to choosing the right piece for the right occasion. brings you a complete catalogue of information, tips, and do’s and don’ts about modern-day jewellery designs and their styling etiquettes!

Jewellery Choices and Your Style Statment

So after a brief introduction of what we are going to talk about, the question arises, why does one need the proper Fashion Jewellery Guide? Why not just wear whatever you like?

Let me ask you a question. How many times have you been unsure of the jewellery you are wearing? Thoughts like “Does it compliment my dress properly?” “Is it not too much?” , “Isn’t It too less” arises all the time. The answers are not always instant. Neither are they apparent. Why? because there are some basic women’s accessories etiquettes that need to be known. Here are 15 valuable jewellery style suggestions to become an accessories styling diva.

The simpler The Dress the More Fancy the Jewellery Can be and Vice Versa

Consider it as Newton’s Law of Jewellery Styling. It is one of the universal rules for flaunting the right accessories all over the world. To make sure you are not “Over or under doing it. You can balance your dress vibrancy with your jewellery’s extravaganza. That means if you are wearing a light dress, with minimal design, you can try more colourful jewellery with prominent designs and volume.

simple dress jewellery

Make most of the Statement Jewellery 

Statement jewellery, like its name, is used to make a statement about your personality. It is a way to speak volumes for your style without you uttering a word. The best thing about statement jewellery is that it is minimal. One beautiful Bracelet or hoop earrings that reflect the style you are trying to embrace, and you are all good to go. 

bracelet for girls

Statement Jewellery is simple and hence can be worn most of the time casually as well. For example, on a classy formal dress, there is no harm to wear a pendant in your neck. Or how about wearing the perfect leather jacket along with one bold black choker necklace.

Play Smartly with Your Earings

Earings, to me, are sometimes the most tricky part. So let get down to it first. Now remember it for the rest of your life: studs are sophistication and class. The classier you look, the more chances there are that studs or delicate tops are what you should wear.

hoop earrings

On the other hand, Hoop Earings are lighter and more casual often, best to wear in breezy summer and spring seasons. For more ethnic occasions with a traditional touch, dangling earrings and jhumka’s are usually suitable. Another way to choose your earings is to consider your hairstyle and the frame of your face accordingly.

Don’t Stick to the Usuals

Here is the thing, if you want to be different, choose differently! Accessories your self with an unusual perspective to create interesting patterns. For example, your accessories don’t only include earrings or necklaces. Get a bit funky with a colourful set of metal Bangles or just stylise yourself with a classy watch.

Ladies Brooches Are Unique and Admirable

If you are someone who embraces modest Fashion styling, then brooches should be your best friend. There multiple types of delicate and beautiful scarf brooches that can help you highlight your look. Make sure you consider the occasion and then choose the size and design.

Also, brooches are not only just to pin up your scarves. On an elegant dress, you can put a prominent brooch on the front to highlight your look.

Layer Things Up

There is more than one way to wear the same jewellery pieces.  Try playing with layers. On a western dress, take a long loose necklace for girls and layer it up. You can do the same with bracelets and anklets as well. Metal jewellery especially looks stunning when layered up in the right way.

Ethnic Kangans and Karas

ethnic kangan and kara's

Ethnic Kangans and Karas are always a stunning addition to your look when you are dressed up all traditionally. However, never make a mistake to wear silver karas with a yellow shade dress and golden karas with a white one. Make sure you match the right tones. Also, multi-colored polki Karas are extremely in these days and hence must be tried with your fancy dresses on festive occasions.