The Bespoke Art of Embroidery Designs and Its Prompt Transformation in Fashion

For the fast-paced prevailing fashion industry - where the proliferation of ready-made staples and convenient clothing is becoming the norm, embroidery designs are catalysts that offer meaningful gratification. The art of embroidery has travelled the world in different forms - crossing borders and adopting ethnicities as per the cultures and communities. The vibrant history, present and apparent future of this legendary fashion element tell us it is going to stay and dominate the clothing realm - almost forever. 

One can wonder about the secret of its timeless notoriety, but to many embroideries is nothing but a form of expression. Fashion designers around the world consider fashion a medium of communication, expressing their imagination, style and creativity. As per that definition - embroidery fashion is a wondrous way of storytelling. The ardent detailing of every thread woven delicately by the artisans expresses something unique. 

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the phenomenal phenomenon of embroidery and its fashion significance in different textile and clothing realms.

A Historical Overview 

historical embroidery abaya design

It is a true point of fascination that embroidery has been the binding force through both religious and cultural mediums. Ancient mentions of embroidery are found in the Bible and in Greek mythology Throughout the history of embroidery, religious institutions have been among its greatest patrons. 

Many historians state that it originated from China while trails of embroideries have been recovered from tombs. Europe has a great history of lavishly embroidered court dresses as well. 

Blackwork is another form of embroidery and the style was invented in Islamic Egypt in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The Chinese History is also a long tale traditional embroidered custom dresses where mythological creatures, birds, flowers, waves, and clouds were some of the panoplies of forms used symbolically to situate the wearer or allude to personal qualities or aspirations for longevity and good fortune.

In the early 2000s, embroidery remained a vibrant component of the dress. In a global marketplace, designers and consumers may choose from an infinite variety of world traditions. If we see the history in a retrospect embroidery appears to be one of the most antiquated fashion elements. We can also pinpoint striking variation techniques and stitches are unique to a geographic area.

Embroidered Dresses and Various Approaches in Fashion

When we say ‘embroidered dress’  there might be just a specific image of embroidered clothes into your mind. A lot of people consider embroidery as traditional and somewhat backward however the recent fashion exhibitions and trends show otherwise.  Embroidery has a lot of potential for variation and diversity and that is exactly why it has survived the thousands of years constituting timeline. 

If you are someone with a more modernistic approach - there is no reason to think that embroidery stuff isn’t for you. Here is how you can add variations and style when it comes to embroidery. 

embroidery dress

Various Types of Embroidery

Another plus point is that you don’t have to force out design variations to give embroidery a different look and feel. Instead, there are so many various techniques and forms of embroidery that difference and uniqueness become automatically apparent. This includes 

  1. Whitework Embroidery: where the embroidered thread and the background fabric is of a similar colour. This technique can be used in many ways such as Hardanger, surface embroidery and hedebo etc.

  2. Hedebo Embroidery: This type of embroidery is one types of whitework originating in Denmark, perhaps as early as the 15th century.

  3. Pulled thread Embroidery: This intricate work of embroidery is a counted thread technique stitches, creating eye-catching patterns from gaps, airy fillings, creating lacy, bands, borders and hems.

  4. Cross stitch Embroidery: This type of embroidery creates a cross over stitch between the threads forming diagonal style small patterns which form an “X” on the fabric. It is a renowned type of count thread embroidery.
  1. Candlewick Embroidery: This traditional technique uses an unbleached cotton thread on a piece of unbleached muslin. One can make intricate patterns by making colonial knots. 

cross-stitch embroidery abaya

Embroidered Abayas and Modest Wears 

It would not be fair to not mention the increasing trend of embroidered abayas in the modest fashion industry. Since embroidery has always been an ethnic symbol, Muslim women around the world have embraced it quite overwhelmingly. In fact, it is because of the high demand of embroidered abayas around the world that the craft is experiencing a revival, with modern-day fashion designers, buyers, fashion enthusiasts and professionals approaching towards this the satisfaction of intricate colourful handwoven designs rather than common mechanic prints and patterns. 

embroidered abaya

Embellishments and other Ornamentals Additions through Embroidery 

Another factor that immensely contributes to Embroidery’s infinite value is the much-wanted embellished and incarnated patterns woven by experts who have mastered embroidery. If you go through the overview of online abaya shopping in Pakistan, you will see that Embellished abaya dresses are so much in demand especially for weddings and other special occasions. 

Embroidery Fashion in Men’s Clothing in The New Age 

Women Fashion Clothing has always reflected a dominant inclination towards embroidered patterns. However, the men clothing is slowly embracing the trend bringing in new and interesting variations. The Eastern style ‘Kurtas’ for men now have exquisite embroidered patterns. While western fashion designers are acknowledging the 3d effect of embroidery. Men consumers now look for outfits that are designed with care and attention to detail and have a keen appreciation for high quality and craftsmanship. Needless to say that embroidery fashion helps enhance all these qualities in a dress. 

embroidery on men's cloth


Embroidery Fashion has its own particular place in clothing trends. For every culture and ethnicity - this fashion practice has a different meaning from stylish upcycled western tees to embroidered abaya gowns - embroidery has a way to make each staple worth wearing - delivering a special expression to uplift your style statement.